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Watson Discovery 概览演示

参考资源:【Watson Discovery 简介】

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Honda R&D revolutionizes automobile development using IBM Watson

Because of the complexity of today’s vehicles, many design problems that occur early in the development process don’t become apparent until the latter stages. This results in many costly…

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Code Pattern: 创建一个产品新闻提醒应用

参考资源:Code Pattern【创建一个产品新闻提醒应用】 本 Code Pattern 专为熟悉 JavaScript 和 Node.js 并且有兴趣利用人工智能 API 生成 Web UI 的开发者而构建,使用 Watson Node.js SDK 来挖掘最近新闻文章,并使用 Watson Discovery Service 来发送有关产品或品牌的提醒。与我们一起来了解如何在…

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Gordon Flesch Co. launches “Ask Gordy” - A Watson application for documents

Wanting to help customers derive maximum value and insight from existing information, IBM Business Partner Gordon Flesch Co. joined hands with IBM to develop a scalable and a repeatable analytics…

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What's New with Watson Discovery

Video: What's New with Watson Discovery

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