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AI for document insights (financial markets) - animated video

This animated video will showcase the unique issues facing the financial market and how AI, specifically Watson Discovery, can help.

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Trustworthy AI: Forging the future of banking, insurance and financial markets

In this 20 minute keynote from the IBM Data and AI Virtual Forum - FSS, industry experts discuss the principles of governed data and AI technologies within an open and diverse ecosystem rooted in…

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Caja Raíz transforma sus procesos críticos y disminuye costos con IBM Storage y Ricoh

Caja Raíz necesitaba acelerar sus procesos de cierre diarios, almacenar de forma segura y asequible su información y disminuir costos.

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Top takeaways: Risk management and the cloud in financial services

IBM and Promontory, an IBM Company, invite you to attend Risk Management and the Cloud in Financial Services. With the evolution of technology and an ever-increasing reliance on digital solutions,…

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DSK Bank: SPSS Modeler로 대출 승인 과정에서 디지털 혁신 시도

불가리아에서 가장 큰 리테일 은행인 DSK Bank Bulgaria는 IBM SPSS로 데이터 마이닝에서 신규버전 적용까지 전체 프로세스 문제를 해결하여 대출 승인 과정에 대한 디지털 혁신을 시도하고 있습니다.

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Fighting Financial Crime and Fraud by Infusing AI and Intelligence Workflows

Norman Marraccini, Senior Vice President and Group Executive at FIS, shares the story of their relationship with IBM and the value they’ve derived from using IBM Safer Payments and how they are…

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