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Webinar: How Digital Business Strategies are Transforming Risk Management

This video is a recording of the webinar on OpenPages which talks about how digital business strategies are transforming risk management

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Promontory Executive Summit - Feb. 24, 2021

This is a webinar recording of Promontory Executive Summit: How Emerging Technologies Can Transform Risk Management. A virtual event, gathering financial institution senior executives and board…

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Top takeaways: Risk management and the cloud in financial services

IBM and Promontory, an IBM Company, invite you to attend Risk Management and the Cloud in Financial Services. With the evolution of technology and an ever-increasing reliance on digital solutions,…

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康师傅 :在逆境时与风险对冲,实现可持续发展


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IBM QRadar - 将智能融入SIEM 平台

2分钟视频,介绍IBM QRadar如何帮助安全团队准确、智能、自动化地锁定安全威胁并快速确定优先级、帮助企业快速地采取行动,以减少在危机四伏的网络环境中,安全事件对于业务的影响。 如有任何问题,请致电: 400-810-1818 转2395

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Improve Risk Management and Fuel Innovation with Open Security

Reimagining security as an open construct helps enterprises accelerate innovation and improve effectiveness when addressing threats. The session focuses on the need for open standards in security and…

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Why you need an automated approach to IT GRC management

In many companies different departments have their own IT systems and processes to manage governance, risk and compliance (GRC). These disparate management programs are not sufficient to provide the…

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