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IBM OpenPages with Watson : Présentation

IBM OpenPages with Watson transforme la façon de travailler des professionnels des risques et de la conformité. En fournissant des services de base et des composants fonctionnels sur…

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IBM OpenPages with Watson: Übersicht

IBM OpenPages with Watson verändert die Arbeitsweise von Risiko- und Compliance-Experten. Durch die Bereitstellung von Basisservices und Funktionskomponenten auf einer skalierbaren Plattform,…

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IBM OpenPages with Watson: panoramica

IBM OpenPages with Watson trasforma il modo di lavorare dei professionisti di rischi e conformità. Offrendo servizi fondamentali e componenti funzionali su una piattaforma scalabile che…

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IBM OpenPages with Watson: Información general

IBM OpenPages with Watson transforma la forma en que trabajan los profesionales de riesgos y conformidad. Al proporcionar servicios básicos y componentes funcionales en una plataforma…

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IBM OpenPages with Watson: Visão geral

O IBM OpenPages with Watson transforma o modo como os profissionais de risco e conformidade trabalham, ao entregar uma visão holística do risco e das responsabilidades…

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IBM RegTech Virtual Summit: GRC track

Replay of the 2021 IBM RegTech Virtual Summit. Hear RegTech experts discuss best practices for managing today’s new challenges in GRC, while at the same time improving efficiencies, reducing…

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IBM OpenPages Internal Audit Management: Demo

Watch this demo to learn how to effectively plan, execute, report on, and review your entire audit universe.

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IBM OpenPages Operational Risk Management: Demo

Watch this demo to learn how to automate the process of identifying, measuring, monitoring, analyzing, and managing operational risk.

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IBM OpenPages Regulatory Compliance Management: Demo

Watch this demo to learn how to drive efficient end-to-end regulatory compliance management.

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Transform Risk Efficiency with Enhanced User Experience

Drive GRC adoption for all three lines of the business with a modern, task-focused user interface (UI) to complete tasks and support real-time, risk-aware decision-making to unlock business value. …

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Aviva + IBM: Rethinking the user experience of IBM OpenPages with Watson

A 90-second enhanced audiogram featuring Shelley Tester, Operational Risk System Manager at Aviva plc discussing her participation with IBM User Experience. Let's re-think your user experience…

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Achieve GRC expertise with AI

Translate documents across 50+ languages, obtain 24/7 support with a GRC virtual assistant, promote accuracy and efficiency in incident reporting with AI-relevant classifications, and more using IBM…

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IBM OpenPages: Overview

IBM OpenPages transforms the way risk and compliance professionals work. By providing core services and functional components on a scalable platform that spans operational risk, regulatory…

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IBM OpenPages Regulatory Compliance Management Trial Overview

Cut through the complexity and sheer volume of regulatory content by bringing clarity to what is most important to your organization. Learn how with a demo of the IBM OpenPages Regulatory Compliance…

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Plan for business resilience: Business Continuity Management breakout

Firms globally and across industries are focusing on resilience: business and operational resilience. Learn how IBM OpenPages Business Continuity Management (BCM) prepares enterprises to continue…

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Westpac and IBM - Governance risk and compliance for rapidly changing markets

Robert Wilson Chief Technology Officer Westpac discusses the data driven transformation within their organization and how IBM OpenPages GRC Platform is supporting their strategy.

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