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IBM Storage Protect for Cloud Dynamics 365 demo video

IBM Storage Protect for Cloud Dynamics 365 is an unlimited backup and recovery service for your cloud and CRM data. Watch this demo to see how you can easily recover data on demand with IBM Storage…

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Control the Content Chaos

Dead links. Outdated files. Confusing names. Modern workers waste so much time searching for the right materials to do their jobs. But a Content Service solution provides fast and secure access…

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The State of Salesforce_2020~2021 특별판

State of Salesforce Report는 최고의 기업들이 Salesforce를 어떻게 활용하고 있는지에 대한 Bluewolf의 연례 연구입니다. 올해 보고서에는 COVID-19의 한 해 동안의 통찰력과 트렌드를 담아낸 특별판을 제작했습니다. 보고서는 5개 주요 산업에 걸친 디지털 정량적 설문 조사 및 질적 고객 인터뷰로 구성됩니다.

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Mei Lin Fung - People Centered Design - Where Technology is Going

Mei Lin Fung, the Godmother of CRM, was on the 2-person skunkworks team that created the initial version of CRM at Oracle, hired by Tom Siebel, and later reported to Marc Benioff, now CEO of…

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