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IBM Product Master's generative AI capabilities, powered by watsonx

Generative AI is transforming the way industries and organizations operate. Check out this demo for IBM Product Master's latest and greatest product information management capabilities using…

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Product demo: IBM Security MaaS360

Check this video to see how quickly IBM Security MaaS360 manages any existing endpoints and protects them with native threat management capabilities and integrates with current ecosystem to enable…

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How MaaS360 helps you prevent the use and/or download of TikTok on government owned devices

IBM Security MaaS360 Senior Product Manager Chuck Brown shows how you can use MaaS360 to prevent the use and download of TikTok on iOS, Android and Windows devices.

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MaaS360 User Risk Management, episode 3: Mobile Threat Management

Find out how you can obtain the MaaS360 built-in threat management capabilities and what are the features available.

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MaaS360 User Risk Management, episode 1: the Security Dashboard

Find out how you can activate User Risk Management and how to use the Security Dashboard and the Risk Rule Configurator.

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O que é UEM (Gerenciamento Unificado de Terminais)?

Will Davis, Customer Success Manager da IBM, explica o que é o Gerenciamento Unificado de Terminais e como os dispositivos podem ser gerenciados por uma única solução UEM,…

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What is UEM (Unified Endpoint Management)?

Listen to Will Davis, Customer Success Manager, IBM, as he explains what Unified Endpoint Management is and how your devices can be managed by a single UEM solution for secure access, reduced…

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Unified Endpoint Management and Security: Thriving in a Work-from-Anywhere World

Dave Gruber, Principal Analyst, ESG and Clint Adams, Product Manager, IBM discuss the trends driving convergence of endpoint management and security. Learn more about IBM's UEM solutions:…

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IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson Overview Introduction

IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson is a unified endpoint management platform offered through IBM used to manage enterprise mobile devices, applications and content. Powered by artificial intelligence…

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Sonoma County: 정보 장벽을 극복해 더 나은 대민 서비스 실현

미국 캘리포니아주 소노마군(Sonoma County) 공무원들이 어떻게 기술을 활용해 불평등을 타파하고 공평을 구현하는지 설명합니다. 소노마군(Sonoma County)은 주민의 민원을 360도로 파악하여 정보 장벽을 극복하고 더 나은 대민 서비스를 실현하고 있습니다. 더 자세한 내용은 아래에서 확인하실 수 있습니다.…

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UX Redux: Forrester and IBM on how the end user redefined UEM

MDM, EMM and UEM are all mature, time tested tools and methodologies to manage and secure devices. But many implementations are too device-centric and not sufficiently oriented around with human…

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How G2SF Keeps Government Endpoints Safe with AI-Infused UEM

Sean Fromm of G2SF, Inc. details how AI and cognitive technology have improved his team’s ability to deliver an exceptionally secure experience for government clients supporting a wide range of…

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