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IBM Cloud for Financial Services

This is a conversation with Hillery Hunter on the need in the financial services industry for access to public cloud technologies in order to achieve business objectives of delivering innovative user…

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Fighting Financial Crime and Fraud by Infusing AI and Intelligence Workflows

Norman Marraccini, Senior Vice President and Group Executive at FIS, shares the story of their relationship with IBM and the value they’ve derived from using IBM Safer Payments and how they are…

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Building a banking ecosystem with IBM® LinuxONE™

Building a banking ecosystem with IBM® LinuxONE™: As the world traverses through the uncertainty in the horizon, leading banks are leaning towards an open and collaborative ecosystem.…

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Industriens Pension revolutionizes customer care with AI

Industriens Pension revolutionized their customer experience with artificial intelligence through IBM Watson technology. They have partnered with IBM on a two part solution, which includes a…

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DSK Bank + IBM: speeds credit approval decisions with SPSS Modeler

DSK, the largest private bank in Bulgaria, sees gold with SPSS Modeler, enhancing customer experience by shortening time to yes on consumer credit decisions -- and improving the development of its…

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Suresh Pathak - Rising IT Costs

Suresh Pathak, IBM Executive IT Economics Consultant for Asia Pacific, describes how a large bank implemented LinuxONE to address rising IT costs resulting from rapid company growth

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iGTB and IBM reinvent customer-centric services for banks

Banks must provide high security. They also need application scalability and performance. At the same time, they need to provide an exceptional customer experience. Intellect Global Transaction…

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Thought Machine partners with IBM to unleash the power of data for banks

The core banking systems in today’s banks were deployed decades ago, massively restricting their ability to manage and gain value from their data and stifling their ability to innovate. The…

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The Future of Edge Computing: Banking & Financial Services

Learn more about edge computing: Immerse yourself in the world of edge computing and how it applies to the banking and financial services industry.…

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A leading Asia Pacific Bank: Unlocking a greater customer experience with Master Data Management

Master Data Management Strategist, Thomas Lucey, illustrates the challenges associated with client retention in the Australian banking industry and data solutions to improve customer satisfaction.

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After Marge, a virtual assistant, joined the team, Royal Bank of Scotland increased NPS by 20%

Learn about Watson Assistant for Customer Service. Marge, the virtual agent, helps her human team stay compliant to complex mortgage regulations and have precise information - while they deliver…

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Nordea revolutionizes cross-border trade using IBM Blockchain

Lack of trust in trading partners and a plethora of legal and regulatory issues remain barriers to international trade for many small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) in Europe. With the help of IBM…

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Banco Macro: Experience and efficiency with AI

Banco Macro's Nicolas Martins reveals what happened when the Argentinian bank joined forces with IBM’s Data Science and AI Elite. Hear how they worked together to use Watson Studio build…

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BBVA Compass: Achieving data privacy and governance for operational efficiencies

With regulatory compliance at the forefront, Brian Welch, Project Manager at BBVA Compass and Scott Burt, CEO of Integro discuss the critical success factors for planning and implementing data…

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Banking in a lounge: How Virgin Money is reshaping the branch

Banking industry veteran Paul Titterton, Head of Networks at Virgin Money, shares his successful vision and explains the journey undertaken by Virgin Money's branch network.

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Emid: A pioneer of cloud-based banking on the value of IBM Z

Learn how IBM Z can help banks compete in the digital economy: Demand for banking services is booming in Africa, making for a fiercely competitive marketplace as established…

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