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IBM Security Verify SaaS 解决方案

在远程工作成为常态的数字商业时代,企业既要确保应用和数据的安全访问, 又要为消费者提供完美的数字化体验。IBM Security Verify SaaS 解决方案在云端构建现代化集中统一的用户身份和访问权限管理系统,通过简单配置即可提供安全、高效、方便的体验。

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An Investment in Trust

In the current banking environment customers are putting more value on trust when deciding their banking partner. This goes beyond data security, it becomes personal. It’s impacting the way…

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IBM Security Webinar for US Government agencies: Accelerating Zero Trust plans and adoption

Security experts discuss vendor-agnostic zero trust approach & aligning to Federal zero trust architecture strategy/timeline in OMB M-22-09

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Acelerando la intrepidez con Zero Trust

Vea cómo adoptar un enfoque de Cero Confianza moderno, abierto y seguro puede ayudar a acelerar la intrepidez en un entorno de alta presión.

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XDR and Zero Trust

Learn about the role of Zero Trust plays within XDR in this short-form video interview with Forrester's Allie Mellen on XDR and Zero Trust.

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Security health check: how UK organisations are building trust and resiliency during a pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has created new challenges for organisations as they adapt to an operating model in which working from home and delivering virtual services have become the ‘new…

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Setzen Sie Zero Trust in die Tat um und treiben Sie Ihr Geschäft ohne Grenzen voran

Erfahren Sie, wie ein moderner, offener und sicherer Zero-Trust-Ansatz dazu beitragen kann, die Furchtlosigkeit in einer Umgebung mit hohem Druck zu beschleunigen.

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Miser sur le zéro confiance pour alimenter les activités sans limites

Découvrez comment adopter une approche zéro confiance moderne, ouverte et sécurisée peut aider à accélérer l'intrépidité dans un…

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Accelerating fearlessness with zero trust (30-second XDR launch teaser)

See how taking a modern zero trust approach anchored by IBM Security QRadar XDR can help your business thrive in the face of cyber threats.

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Verify Trust Demo Video - Login Detection

This demo video shows common fraudster scenarios and how IBM Security Verify Trust can help protect against these malicious scenarios, along with how each risk would appear to the analyst.

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Zero Trust para detener un ataque de amenaza interna

La arquitectura de zero trust puede reducir significativamente la cantidad de tiempo que se necesita para contener un ataque de amenaza interna a través del acceso dinámico y la…

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保护个人信息,维护数据安全: IBM 助力韵达打造企业级安全体系

在合规合法方面,等保2.0 和欧洲的GDPR 都给企业带来了不小的压力,IBM 的安全解决方案可以为企业提供全流程、常态化的合规报告和证明。根据各类法规的要求来执行隐私条例,记录和控制企业信息数据的访问活动满足各类审计的要求。

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Data Security in a Multi-Cloud World Video Analysis

Chris Steffen, Research Director for Enterprise Management Associates, discusses key findings and analysis from this new, IBM-commissioned survey on data security, data privacy, and zero trust in the…

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IBM Security Services for SASE Sizzle Video

The road to transformation is never easy, but the opportunity is even greater. Cloud-based networking and network security at the edge with IBM Zero Trust governance is the road ahead. This short…

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IBM Food Trust for the Food Safety and Modernization Act

Respond rapidly to regulators and ensure compliance with IBM Food Trust.

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Accelerating Fearlessness with Zero Trust

See how taking a modern, open, secure zero trust approach can help accelerate fearlessness in a high-pressure environment.

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