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IBM Cloud Satellite Overview

Learn how you can consume a common set of cloud services including toolchains, databases, and AI in any location. The IBM Cloud Satellite managed distributed cloud solution delivers cloud services,…

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CICS TX product video

CICS TX is a distributed CICS transaction runtime for hosting distributed applications and hybrid workloads onto Red Hat OpenShift based public or private cloud using IBM COBOL for Linux on x86. This…

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IBM Cloud Satellite - Propuesta de valor, video local

Ignacio Chanes explica los beneficios de IBM Satellite y la nube distribuida de IBM Cloud. Descubra todos los beneficios que la nube publica tiene para sus data centers.

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Benefits of Distributed Cloud and IBM Cloud Satellite

Presenters discuss current enterprise IT challenges and explain how IBM Cloud Satellite, as a distributed cloud, provides versatile benefits in architecting solutions. Learn more about IBM Cloud…

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Episode 09 - ISA Cloud Podcast: Distributed Cloud Computing 101

More and more organisations are turning to hybrid, multi-cloud environments that run on client premises, on the edge, in remote data centers, or even on 3rd party cloud party locations, to co-locate…

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冷冻电镜是结构生物学的分支学科,其应用会产生大量的数据,需要通过高性能的集群设备对这些数据进行分析处理才能够变成可用的数据。IBM 合作伙伴月新生科将 IBM 高性能存储解决方案引入复旦大学冷冻电镜项目中。 本视频介绍了复旦大学利用 IBM ESS 高性能、横向扩展、智能化运维功能实施冷冻电镜高性能计算集群项目的情况。 更多信息,敬请访问:IBM ESS…

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ING’s Ferd Scheepers shares his vision of using data fabric in a hybrid cloud environment.

ING’s Ferd Scheepers shares his vision of using data fabric in a hybrid cloud environment. Try it for yourself at or reach out to an expert:…

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분산 클라우드와 AI 혁신

저명한 미래학자 Dr. Michio Kaku는 AI 가 우리의 삶을 바꿀 놀라운 방법과 분산 클라우드 컴퓨팅이 어떻게 촉매 역할을 하는지에 대해 안내합니다.

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IBM Cloud Satellite – ES-LA

Obtenga servicios en la nube en cualquier lugar con IBM Cloud Satellite.

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IBM Cloud Satellite – PT-LA

Lance serviços de nuvem em qualquer lugar com IBM Cloud Satellite.

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More for Less: Scale and Performance for Lower TCO

These unprecedented times call for special attention to costs, efficiencies, and business values. At the same time, IT leaders are under pressure to ensure their IT infrastructures meet the…

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Distributed cloud made real: build faster, securely, anywhere

Technical analysts and experts, IBM clients and partners, discuss the current distributed cloud model and IBM's approach to it with IBM Cloud Satellite, a distributed cloud as a service.

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IBM Cloud Satellite - IBMの分散クラウド・サービス、発進

IBM Cloud Satelliteがご利用可能になりました。IBM Cloud Satelliteなら、あらゆるクラウド環境で、柔軟で一貫した開発体験・運用体験ができます。このメリットをぜひご活用ください。 詳細:

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Australia Post + IBM: delivering a more efficient future

As parcel deliveries soar, how could Australia Post handle huge volumes, improve customer service, and enhance efficiency? To harness the full power of its mission-critical SAP analytics…

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What is "Distributed Cloud" and how can it benefit your business

A round table discussion of distributed computing and how IBM Cloud can help business.

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