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The Mayflower Autonomous Ship Project: The Journey Continues in 2022

A preview of the renewed journey of the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) and of Episode 7 of the "The Uncharted," coming in February 2022.

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Building a more resilient city with digital credentials - Full cut

How do you safely reopen a city during a global crisis? Jeanine Ramirez, New York City journalist and reporter, takes a look at how digital credentials can help cities reopen and get citizens back to…

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Building a more resilient city with digital credentials - Social cut

Building a stronger social fabric takes true collaboration and unified action. IBM is helping new networks convene to ensure we can emerge smarter and prepare for future global challenges

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AdMed | PI Assistant

AdMed’s PI (Prescribing Information) Assistant powered by Watson AI turns complex medical documents into simple conversations. PI assistant helps pharmaceutical sales reps get fast, accurate…

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HSBC | AI Powered US Equity Index

HSBC and asset manager EquBot have developed the Watson AI Powered US Equity Index ("AiPEX"), a risk controlled, excess return index. AiPEX evaluates and scores each of the 1,000 largest…

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Automotive's holistic approach to customer experiences

Industry experts at the IAA event talk about the transformation from selling cars to selling digital experiences. Hear how OEMs started in silos, but they are now feeling the pressure to move to from…

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The future of healthcare is evolving - IBM's Kate Huey explains how

Kate Huey, IBM's Global Healthcare Executive, discusses the future of the industry and how hybrid cloud is paving the way. With specific examples to IBM's work with The Cleveland Clinic,…

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Anthem Behind Those Eyes

In this moment, our response to citizen challenges must be visionary, unified and actionable. It requires convening new networks of public sector clients – of every size, service area and…

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IBM's Tim Paydos shares his "Point of View" on what a hybrid cloud approach can do for government

As governments seek to better serve citizens, how can a hybrid cloud approach help to modernize infrastructure and increase efficiency? IBM's Tim Paydos, Vice President of Government Industry…

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"Industrial companies need to shift to be most sustainable" - Hear IBM's Manish Chawla discuss his POV on the future of industrial and what a hybrid cloud approach provides

IBM's Manish Chawla is the General Manager of Industrial. This is his "point of view" on the industrial industry, what sustainability means for the future, and how a hybrid cloud…

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Obtaining real business benefits from data and AI in utility operations

Video / webinar covering learnings and insights around the topic of Data and AI for EE&U

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Emerge Stronger with Digital Travel Credentials

A discussion between aviation experts and industry leaders:Steve Peterson, Global Research Leader, Travel & Transportation, IBM IBVGreg Land, IBM Global Industry Leader, Aviation, Hospitality and…

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Government Industry Expert: Sylvie Spalmacin-Roma

IBM is working with governments around the world to humanize those governments for the benefits of their citizens. IBM VP for the Government Industry in Europe Sylvie Spalmacin-Roma explains how…

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Sonoma County Transforms the Way They Care for the Most Vulnerable

IBM’s solutions mean Sonoma can coordinate care across silos, engage with clients anywhere, and provide better care at lower costs, using secure data accessed from the cloud. Learn more…

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The future of banking will be more personal and consumer focused. This is how IBM is helping to make that a reality.

Banking industry cutdown - Extra Mile

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Return to Work Event Highlights Video

Turning the 8 hours of video content into a 5-minute highlight video to educate those not able to attend the full event on the most valuable learnings from the Watson Works, Return to Work…

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