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What is XaaS?

You're probably familiar with terms like SaaS, Iaas and PaaS, but what about Xaas - Everything as a Service? In this video, Chuck Smith explains what XaaS is and how an XaaS control…

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Event Streams on IBM Cloud Satellite

Event Streams for IBM Cloud Satellite offers you a hybrid solution with the best of both worlds. In this video, Event Streams Developer Max Rycroft walks through the steps required to setup your own…

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Transition to Condition-Based Vegetation Management

IBM Vegetation Management leverages Artificial Intelligence, Satellite Imaging and LiDAR data, including Geiger-mode data and Linear LiDAR to assess and monitor vegetation and improve work…

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FutureTrade : cas d'utilisation des services financiers sur la modernisation des applications

Regardez comment FutureTrade a conçu une solution avec IBM Cloud Satellite.

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FutureTrade: Caso de uso de serviços financeiros na modernização de aplicativos

Com os serviços financeiros, os clientes desejam cada vez mais flexibilidade na forma como acessam e trabalham com fundos. Para se manter competitivo, a FutureTrade deve atender a essas…

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Cloud without Compromise -- University Medical Center Mainz and IBM Cloud

Dr. Christian Elsner, Chief Financial Officer at the University Medical Center Mainz -- one of the largest medical centers in Germany -- uses hybrid cloud technology and IBM Cloud Satellite to…

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Cloud without Compromise -- IBM Cloud Satellite Demo & Use Cases

Briana Frank describes use cases for IBM Cloud Satellite plus financial services controls, and Jason McGee demos IBM Cloud Satellite. Learn more:

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Alibaba brings IBM Cloud services to their customers using IBM Cloud Satellite

In a new partnership with IBM, Alibaba is employing IBM Cloud Satellite to provide IBM Cloud services to their Alibaba Cloud customers. In this video, Hong Choing, Head of Global Partner Ecosystem…

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IBM Cloud Satellite - Inovação Digital para Serviços Financeiros

A LendMore pretende construir relacionamentos de longo prazo com os clientes, gerando múltiplas transações ao invés de apenas empréstimos individuais. Veja como o…

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Étude de cas : IBM Cloud Satellite pour des applications de services financiers innovantes

LendMore souhaite augmenter ses revenus en personnalisant l'expérience utilisateur de GettingHome, une application à succès que les clients utilisent actuellement pour…

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FutureTrade: пример использования финансовых услуг для модернизации приложений

Посмотрите, как FutureTrade разработала решение с помощью IBM Cloud Satellite.

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Пример использования: IBM Cloud Satellite для инновационных приложений финансовых услуг

LendMore хочет увеличить доход за счет персонализации пользовательского опыта GettingHome, успешного приложения, которое в настоящее время используют клиенты для подачи заявок на жилищный кредит.…

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IBM Cloud Satellite - Innovación digital para los servicios financieros

LendMore tiene la intención de construir relaciones a más largo plazo con los clientes, generando múltiples transacciones en lugar de solo préstamos individuales. Vea…

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FutureTrade: caso de uso de servicios financieros para modernizar aplicaciones

Vea cómo FutureTrade diseñó una solución con IBM Cloud Satellite.

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적용 사례: 금융 서비스 애플리케이션 혁신을 위한 IBM Cloud Satellite

금융 서비스 회사인 LendMore가 IBM Cloud Satellite를 통해 애플리케이션 구축 시간을 30% 단축하고 고객 맞춤형 앱 환경을 제공하여 매출을 늘린 적용 사례에 대해 알아보세요.

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IBM Cloud Satellite 金融機関のユースケース:革新的な顧客体験の向上

LendMore 社は、顧客の住宅ローン申し込み時のアプリの顧客体験をパーソナライズし、一層の収益を拡大を目指していました。この実現のためにIBM Cloud Satellite がどのようにソリューションを提供するかをご覧ください。 詳細はこちら:

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