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What’s new with IBM Data Replication: The evolution of IBM Data Replication solutions

Learn from IBM’s team of SMEs about why data replication solutions are needed and how IBM Data Replication solutions are evolving to address trending use cases.

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Leverage Kafka to build intelligent applications with IBM Cloud Event Streams

Event Streams on IBM Cloud is a fully managed, high-throughput message bus built on Apache Kafka that enables applications and services to communicate. It is optimized for event ingestion into IBM…

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Supporting Kafka with Schema Registry

Event Streams on IBM Cloud is a managed Kafka service that provides a component for managing schemas. In this video, Event Streams Developer James Gordon talks about the importance of the schema…

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Kafka use cases with Event Streams

In this video, Cloud Architect & STSM Charlie Martin covers some core use cases for Kafka, broken down into three broad categories: Stream Processing, Data Pipelines, and Event Streaming.

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Event Streams on IBM Cloud Satellite

Event Streams for IBM Cloud Satellite offers you a hybrid solution with the best of both worlds. In this video, Event Streams Developer Max Rycroft walks through the steps required to setup your own…

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Apache Kafka API & CLI

Cloud Architect Dominic Evans covers the various APIs and command line tools that you can use with Event Streams for IBM Cloud, a fully managed kafka offering on IBM Cloud.

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IBM Event Automation

See how IBM Event Automation helps you put events to work by enabling business and IT users to detect situations in real-time, act on them and trigger automations.

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Becoming an Event Driven Business

Businesses that can put events to work can gain a constant state of awareness that enables them to be more responsive to customers and resilient to market dynamics. With capabilities for event…

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Streaming OMEGAMON data from Kafka to the Elastic Stack

This is a demo video about how to use IBM Z Operational Log and Data Analytics to stream OMEGAMON data from Kafka to the Elastic Stack. For more information, please refer to…

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IBM Data Replication on Cloud Pak for Data Demo

This demo shows how to use the new IBM Data Replication service on Cloud Pak for Data. In addition to exploring the new web based interface, you'll learn how to: set up replication monitor…

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Event Endpoint Management Explained

Event Endpoint Management plays a key role in scaling messaging systems like Kafka. In this video, Jamil Spain shares four tips on best practices implementing Event…

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What is Kafka?

Users of modern-day cloud applications expect a real-time experience but how is this achieved? In this lightboard video, Whitney Lee with IBM Cloud explains how Apache Kafka, an open-source…

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