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面对挑战的研究人员的故事如果您有任何问题请:致电 IBM (服务时间:周一至周五 9:00-17:00) 800-810-1818 转 5122(座机)400-810-1818 转 5122(手机)点击此处填写 需求,我们会尽快回复您 访问IBM存储官网

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Crossing the HPC chasm to Deep Learning and AI with IBM Spectrum Computing

BM recently announced new software to deliver faster time-to-insights for AI, deep learning, high performance computing & data analytics.

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IBM Pixitencoded

Dave Walsh interviews Bob Murphy, VP of marketing for Pixit Media, IBM Pixitencoded

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DevOps for IBM z Systems: Innovate with agility at enterprise scale

Learn how DevOps for z Systems can help you respond to digital disruption by transforming software delivery into an enterprise capability that is integrated across multiple platforms and technologies.

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IBM Bluemix helps Mjolner Informatics deliver innovative digital solutions to its clients

Mjolner delivers innovative and holistic digital solutions to their clients. By Leveraging IBM Bluemix platform, Mjolner has been able to minimize time to market as well as scale in a global way. …

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Viewpointe Secures Clients’ Futures with IBM Spectrum Scale

Viewpointe achieves the scalability and security required to store billions of check images for millions of daily users by building their solution with IBM Spectrum Scale. “The storage aspect…

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Lab7 High-Performance Genomic Cloud Powered by IBM Storage

Lab7 achieves the high scalability and fast through-put required to process genomic data by building their HPC in a cloud with IBM Spectrum Scale and IBM Spectrum Computing. Read more:…

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CTERA Delivers Enterprise Cloud-Enabled File Services with IBM Storage

CTERA solution to customer’s data growth challenges is built on IBM Spectrum Scale and Cloud Object Storage platforms. Read more: “Customers are achieving 60 - 70%…

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Db2 Warehouse scale out

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Db2 Warehouse scale in

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Video: Break 1.3 Nils haustein - Spectrum Scale Immutability

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Hortonworks and IBM: Solutions for Your Big Data Journey

Hortonworks leveraged the power of IBM Spectrum Scale to provide a robust, and open, solution for clients Big Data challenges. Read more: "Today, every business has…

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08 IBM SSSD17 ESS_Grundlagen 20170307 Goetz Mensel

Video : 08 IBM SSSD17 ESS_Grundlagen 20170307 Goetz Mensel

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University of Michigan accelerates scientific discovery with IBM Spectrum Scale

IBM Spectrum Scale and Elastic Storage Server provide the infrastructure that allows advanced computational research to succeed at University of Michigan. #IBMStorage Stay in Touch: Subscribe to our…

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Pulsant builds hybrid cloud services with IBM Storage solutions

Pulsant's deployment of IBM Storage solutions delivers increased performance, decreased capital and operating costs, and streamlined infrastructure management (allowing more time to focus on…

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