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Culture, Trust, and AI

How can corporate culture establish a consent-based understanding of Artificial Intelligence, and how can an ethical AI culture result in better outcomes from AI? In this lightboard video, Phaedra…

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“人工智能训练场 - 自然语言处理”视频 15 精简版


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AI Training Ground Natural Language Processing :15 teaser

Discover why it is critical for AI to be ethical, fair and explainable­–especially when it comes to model training for AI-driven technology like Natural Language Processing. To learn more…

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AI Training Ground Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is becoming a pervasive part of everyday life and is a form of AI-driven technology that many businesses and consumers rely on. However, if Natural Language…

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The Elements of AI (part 3): ModelOps on IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Nearly 50% of #AI models never make it from pilot to production. By adopting a developer mindset, data scientists can use #ModelOps to scale AI. See how with IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Learn more

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Women & Tech: Ethics and AI

Part of the Women & Tech initiative, this is a 50 min webinar about ethics and trust in Artificial Intelligence.

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Trustworthy AI: Driving exponential growth opportunities in the healthcare industry

This 20 min keynote session entitled Trustworthy AI: Driving exponential growth opportunities in the healthcare industry features speakers from IBM, Forrester Research, Janssen R&D and Innocens.

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Ein Gespräch mit ... einer digitalen Gipfelstürmer: Filiz Elmas (DIN) und Dr. Wolfgang Hildesheim (IBM)

Filiz Elmas vom Deutschen Institut für Normung diskutiert mit Dr. Wolfgang Hildesheim von IBM über die Notwendigkeit einer Normungsroadmap für Künstliche Intelligenz

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Scale business outcomes from AI with low-code application development

Learn how to rapidly prototype, test, validate, and most importantly, deploy and scale business applications infused with trustworthy AI. Watch the on-demand session from IBM THINK 2021 to learn…

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What is Trustworthy AI?

What is trustworthy AI? It means trust in your data, trust in your models and trust in your process. Watch the video to see how IBM brings trustworthy AI to organizations worldwide with its unified…

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Trustworthy AI: From principle to practice

This is a pre-recoded keynote video delivered by Rob Thomas Senior Vice President IBM Cloud and Data Platform. It was delivered at the World Summit AI Americas on April 2, 2021.

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