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What is AI Ethics?

With the emergence of big data, companies have increased their focus to drive automation and data-driven decision-making across their organizations with AI. While the intention is to improve business…

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Culture, Trust, and AI

How can corporate culture establish a consent-based understanding of Artificial Intelligence, and how can an ethical AI culture result in better outcomes from AI? In this lightboard video,…

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Think Moscow 2021 - Технологический марафон. Сбербанк

Интервью с Ильей Фатхутдиновым, руководителем направления по развитию бизнеса в финансовом секторе, IBM

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Regions Bank: A methodology to develop high quality and trusted AI

A regional US bank accelerates time to value from advanced analytics, improves data quality and produces high quality and trusted AI solutions when it collaborates with IBM Data and AI Expert Labs…

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AI du kan lita på - från experiment till skalbarhet

Computer Sweden och IBM bjuder in till 75 informativa minuter, under vilka du får en knuff i rätt riktning för att ta AI från experiment till produktion. Det handlar till att…

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CODED BIAS: Live Q&A with Filmmaker & AI experts from IBM

Watch the replay of this special Open P-TECH event and hear from the filmmaker of "CODED BIAS" documentary and artificial intelligence experts from IBM the conversation around AI, ethics,…

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Phaedra Boinodiris talks AI and Ethics - IBM Pathfinder Mentoring Program

Phaedra Boinodiris is a Fellow of the RSA and has focused on inclusion in technology since 1999. She holds 5 patents and has served on the leadership team of IBM’s Academy of Technology…

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