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Cloudera and IBM partnership video: Better together

This two-minute video provides an overview of the Cloudera and IBM partnership.

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Schlumberger applies hybrid cloud for growth

Schlumberger applies IBM's hybrid cloud approach, using Red Hat OpenShift, to expand the market for its exploration & production software suite. This containerized platform enables…

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Intel+IBM: Driving Energy Transformation through the OSDU Data Platform

The video shows how Intel and IBM are working together through the OSDU Forum to integrate IBM ODI with Intel hardware to make edge and connected hybrid clouds more secure, open, flexible and…

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IBM and Cloudera Partnership-Journey to Hybrid Cloud and AI

Learn how IBM and Cloudera can help you connect your data lifecycle and accelerate your journey to hybrid cloud and AI.

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MongoDB Enterprise for IBM Cloud Pak for Data

The video demonstrates how MongoDB Enterprise works with IBM Cloud Pak for Data and how are they better together.

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演示:下一代数据和人工智能平台(The next generation data and AI platform )

观看演示,了解IBM Cloud Pak for Data 如何在正确的时间通过具有自动功能(如 - AutoSQL, AutoCatalog, AutoPrivacy and AutoAI. )等自动化功能的智能数据结构,将正确的数据连接到团队中的合适人员。 立即试用免费试用:Get started with the no-cost trial

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Demo: IBM Open Data for Industries for Cloud Pak for Data - Runs Anywhere

IBM Open Data for Industries for Cloud Pak for Data is the only market ready hybrid cloud instance of the OSDU Data Platform. Power your OSDU data, as well as other data, within a hybrid cloud…

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What is Trustworthy AI?

What is trustworthy AI? It means trust in your data, trust in your models and trust in your process. Watch the video to see how IBM brings trustworthy AI to organizations worldwide with its unified…

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Trustworthy AI: From principle to practice

This is a pre-recoded keynote video delivered by Rob Thomas Senior Vice President IBM Cloud and Data Platform. It was delivered at the World Summit AI Americas on April 2, 2021.

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Building a Modernised Data Platform for AI-based Outcomes

Session on key capabilities organisations now look for in delivering advanced AI outcomes. It will also combine the latest IBM technologies in context with our vision of a "Journey to AI".

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The next generation data and AI platform

Watch the demo to see how IBM Cloud Pak for Data connects the right data, at the right time, to the right people on your team, from anywhere its needed through an intelligent data fabric with…

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IBM and Forrester Research Podcast: Optimize cost savings with an integrated data and AI platform

Join the Podcast to learn about IBM’s integrated data and AI platform, IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Hear from IBM Chief Product Officer of IBM Cloud Paks and Forrester Research on the benefits of…

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마이데이터를 위한 데이터 분석 플랫폼 고도화 방안

마이데이터 플랫폼 도입 과정에서 신뢰성 있는 분석 결과를 제공하기 위한 통합 플랫폼 구현 방안에 대해 설명합니다.

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효과적인 마이데이터 서비스를 위한 API 플랫폼

마이데이터 플랫폼의 로드맵 및 마이데이터 API 플랫폼을 위한 고려사항과 이를 위해 갖춰야할 요소에 대해서 설명합니다.

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마이데이터 사업의 경쟁력 제고를 위한 플랫폼 접근 방안

성공적인 마이데이터 사업을 위한 마이데이터 플랫폼의 필수 요소 및 고려사항과 함께, 이를 위해 IBM이 제공해야하는 최적의 오퍼링을 소개합니다.

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IBM AI 기반의 Data Insight Platform 및 사례

본 세션에서는 AI를 사용하여 계획, 예산 편성, 예측을 자동화하고 보다 지능적인 워크플로우를 추진할 수 있는 IBM AI 기반의 데이터 인사이트 플랫폼을 소개 합니다. - IBM AI 기반 Data Insight Platform 소개 - 산업별 AI기반 Data Insight 유즈케이스 및 사례

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