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AI Training Ground Natural Language Processing :15 teaser

Discover why it is critical for AI to be ethical, fair and explainable­–especially when it comes to model training for AI-driven technology like Natural Language Processing. To learn more…

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AI Training Ground Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is becoming a pervasive part of everyday life and is a form of AI-driven technology that many businesses and consumers rely on. However, if Natural Language…

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IBM SPSS Statistics 28 Price Related Bias

The video demos how to calculate price related bias in IBM SPSS Statistics 28 inside the ratios statistics procedure. Learn more about SPSS Statistics. Take the 30-day no-cost trial.

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CODED BIAS: Live Q&A with Filmmaker & AI experts from IBM

Watch the replay of this special Open P-TECH event and hear from the filmmaker of "CODED BIAS" documentary and artificial intelligence experts from IBM the conversation around AI, ethics,…

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Operationalize AI at scale: From drift detection to monitoring business impact of AI with IBM Watson OpenScale

Automate the ability to detect and correct AI model bias and drift and explain AI outcomes--all during runtime. Two IBM experts walk you through IBM Watson OpenScale and discuss the principles and…

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