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Achieving a new level of reuse in automotive software

This 60-minute Webinar will cover the business drivers and the type of results that a software platform approach can achieve. It will incorporate interactive questions and answers regarding the…

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ELM: Embracing standards

Take advantage of custom reporting and dashboards to monitor and track the entire development process in real time. IBM ELM publishing engine and dashboard capabilities allow teams to automate…

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ELM: Multi-tier supplier ecosystem

Collaboration, decision, and variant control must be managed in the midst of ever-expanding system-of-systems design and supplier ecosystems. The ELM solution provides a strong collaboration and…

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ELM: Single source of truth

Leveraging the proverbial single source of truth is crucial for teams to succeed. ELM’s integrated, end-to-end solution provides a true single source of truth to deliver data transparency and…

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ELM: Following the Digital Thread

IBM ELM provides a unique graphic view of the inter-related dependencies across the development process helping ensure engineering teams are aligned throughout the development process.

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ELM: Your single source of truth awaits

Eliminate uncertainty and ambiguity with IBM ELM. Leveraging a single source of truth enables engineering teams to all be aligned and in lockstep through the entire delivery process.

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IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Platform and Digital Threads

A quick overview of how IBM's Engineering Lifecycle Managament (ELM) platform can help breakdown data silos and support data interoperability across the product development lifecycle.

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IBM ELM을 활용한 Automotive Compliance 데이터 및 추적성 관리

본 영상은 오토모티브 일렉트로닉스의 AID 2021에서 공개한 데모입니다. IBM ELM 상에서 데이터 관리에 대한 예시와 추적성 관리 방법 등에 대한 내용을 다루었습니다.

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Managing complexity in the public sector with IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management

Today’s software and systems engineering teams face staggering pressure to deliver safety-critical projects faster than ever before. Developing today’s complex infrastructure projects…

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