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ELM: Knowing what to test

IBM Engineering Test Management is an integrated solution which provides a logical process for validation and verification to ensure all elements of the product are properly tested leading to higher…

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IBM复杂工程开发生命周期管理(IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management )

探索 IBM 工程生命周期管理中的产品,以及通过采取端到端的方法实现软件和产品开发可以带来的价值。

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IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management

Explore the products within IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management and the value you can bring by taking an end-to-end approach to your software and product development. Kisaco Research ranks ELM as an…

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IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Solutions Help Customers Achieve Compliance at Enterprise Scale

Rising product complexity is challenging engineering teams to deliver products to market, faster than the competition. If you're not already embracing digital engineering and an end-to-end…

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