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Hyundai Heavy Industry: Building confidence amidst chaos with IBM Business Resiliency Services

In 2016 an earthquake showed just how close a natural disaster could come to damaging Hyundai's mission critical IT infrastructure. The IT leadership responded quickly, working with IBM…

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IBM TechU 2020 dates and cities

IBM TechU is the premier technical training conference for IBM clients and Business Partners. Learn the skills, strategies and techniques you need to sustain growth and gain competitive…

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Rapid recovery is critical to cyber resilience

Today, advanced malware can spread across an organization’s networks rapidly, crippling its entire IT infrastructure in hours or even minutes. IBM Cyber Resilience can help you maintain…

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Bir dakikada IBM Cloud Pak for Automation

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation, akıllı otomasyon uygulamalarının kolayca tasarlanmasını, oluşturulmasını ve çalıştırılmasını sağlayan, önceden entegre edilmiş bir dizi yazılım sunar.

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Amvara Consulting: Driving self-service for a premium car maker

Ralf Roeber, Managing director and Executive Partner at AMVARA Consulting, explains how IBM Cognos Analytics 11 allows their business team to easily understand data models and explore their sensor…

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Ancestry: Makes planning on the IBM Cloud part of their DNA

Curtis Tripoli, VP Financial Planning and Analysis, talks about using IBM Analytics and Planning Analytics to scale their growth and manage complexity as they partnered with Data41 for…

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Caixa Bank centralizes back offices through automation

CaixaBank, S.A., a financial services company based in Valencia and Barcelona in Spain, uses the IBM Business Automation Workflow to centralize its back offices by automating its core processes. Read…

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Banco BAI augments compliance, employee, customer & stakeholder service

Banco Angolano Investimentos (BAI), a private bank in Angola improves compliance, increasing profits when it implements the IBM Digital Business Automation suite. Read more: …

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Kelly Lovell - NewTech: Youth at the Center

Kelly Lovell is a 16-time award-winning young entrepreneur, passionate about bridging opportunity gaps to prepare young people for the future and solve global challenges.

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Melissa Sassi - IBM & Startup Magic

Melissa Sassi is the Global Head of IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator focused on empowering early-stage entrepreneurs through technology and business acceleration, technology credits, comarketing,…

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Connecting companies with IoT and edge analytics

Patrice Favennec of Hilscher, an IBM business partner, shares why IBM Informix is their database of choice for industrial IoT and sensor data, reducing their storage by nearly 80%. Hear how Hilscher…

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IBM Services Multicloud Híbrida

A Multicloud Híbrida é o novo padrão. Três coisas que você precisa saber.

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IBM Services Multinube híbrida

La multinube híbrida es el estándar ahora. Aquí hay 3 cosas que debe saber.

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North York General Hospital improves patient care with IBM Cognos Analytics

North York General Hospital is the first acute care hospital in Canada to be awarded with the HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence in 2016. IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1 is helping the hospital empower its…

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IBM iX + Unilever: Restoring trust in advertising

Blockchain and the IBM Advertising Consortium has allowed Unilever to have a single source of truth in the systems and processes for their brand advertising program. Together with the Consortium…

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