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IBM Z Global Skills Accelerator Program introduces USA Pre-Apprentice, Zach

Meet Zach, a Pre-Apprentice in the IBM Z Global Skills Accelerator Program. Zach has been working in the computer industry for several years and recently turned his attention to learning about the…

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Introduction to the IBM Payments Center - Open Payments Marketplace

The IBM Payments Center - Open Payments Marketplace is a new subscription-based offerings which provides overall solutions to make payments more configurable and more flexible.

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IBM Presents: The New Creators featuring Varun Biljani

IBM Presents: The New Creators featuring Varun Biljani

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Configuring a new POWER10 eBMC system with a DHCP address provided by the HMC

This video demonstrates how to setup a new POWER10 eBMC-based system where the initial IP address has been provided by the HMC DHCP server.

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Entregue dados de qualidade com uma plataforma unificada de dados e IA

Veja como você pode entregar dados de qualidade usando a metodologia DataOps da IBM integrada ao IBM Cloud Pak for Data, uma plataforma unificada de dados e IA. Capacite suas equipes para…

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zOS Academy - Ansible

Red Hat Ansible is the leader in automation platforms across the enterprise, and IBM has been contributing collections into the community to enable the IBM Z platform to be managed and automated by…

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zOS Academy - Wazi

IBM is extending the mainframe software ecosystem by providing a selection of IDEs to enable organizations to have a 'choose your own productive IDE' experience.

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zOS Academy - zOS JSON Data Server with new Modern API Access

This session introduces new modern APIs to our existing z/OS JSON data store. The new APIs allow for rapid development of applications requiring the high availability and scalability of Parallel…

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zOS Academy - IBM SMF Explorer with Python

IBM SMF Explorer aims to aid SMF data analysis. The framework allows the analyzing and accessing of SMF records directly where the data resides. The tool enables easy SMF data record fetching,…

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zOS Academy - What's new in zOS Container Extensions (IBM zCX)

In this session, we will discuss latest new features of IBM z/OS Container Extensions (IBM zCX) and how you can leverage Linux on Z software to build a hybrid workload with your existing native z/OS…

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Deliver quality data with a unified data and AI platform

Discover how you can deliver quality data using IBM's dataOps methodology integrated within the unified data and AI platform, IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Empower your teams to deliver trusted,…

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The New Digital Workforce: Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Humans

From the back office to customer engagement, the future of work combines robotic process automation (RPA), AI and human resources to create an intelligent workforce. IBM experts share how automating…

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What's new in IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1.12 and Plus 10.1.8

Spectrum Protect 8.1.12, Spectrum Protect Plus 10.1.8 and Copy Data Management 2.2.13 became available April 23, 2021. This presentation is a technical update of the new features of functions. These…

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Accelerate Data and AI Transformation - Introduction to DataOps

In this “Introduction to DataOps”session, we share DataOps best practices, methodology and how DataOps is helping DevOps and MLOps in condensing data pipelines.

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Building a Modernised Data Platform for AI-based Outcomes

Session on key capabilities organisations now look for in delivering advanced AI outcomes. It will also combine the latest IBM technologies in context with our vision of a "Journey to AI".

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Building the Next Government Digital Strategy: People, Technology and Policy

Scott Cass-Dunbar, Chief Strategy Officer, Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) shares the innovative approach the DTA, with IBM's partnership, is supporting Australian Federal Government as they…

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