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How to update a VIOS (Virtual Input Output Server)

In this video, which a companion to the IBM document "Updating the Virtual I/O Server," Ahmed Deif shows the basic steps that you need to follow to successfully update your VIOS Server.

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SAP Applications with AIX Live Update

SAP customers that run systems which rely on 24x7 uptime can use AIX Live update to update the live running kernel. This allows the admin to apply AIX updates like i-fixes, PTFs, service packs, and…

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Performing a System Firmware Update from the HMC

This video demonstrates how to perform an update of a managed system's firmware from the HMC.

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Firmware update via eBMC ASMI menu

This video shows how to perform a firmware update directly from the eBMC's ASMI menu.

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What's new in IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1.12 and Plus 10.1.8

Spectrum Protect 8.1.12, Spectrum Protect Plus 10.1.8 and Copy Data Management 2.2.13 became available April 23, 2021. This presentation is a technical update of the new features of functions. These…

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