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IBM HMC Mobile for Z and LinuxONE

Learn more about HMC Mobile for Z and LinuxONE.

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Enabling AIX shared processor pool utilisation statistics via the HMC

Ensuring the fullest level of CPU and Processor Performance Monitoring This video shows how to enable the recording of shared processor pool statistics. This is activated from the HMC and allows a…

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Forcing DST for a Partition on an HMC-Managed System

This video shows how to force DST on a partition managed by an HMC.

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Finding HMC1 and HMC2 Addresses from your FSP

In this video, Kurt Schroeder shows how to use Panel Function 30 to find the IP address of the HMC1 and HMC2 ports on your FSP. A document on this function is available here:…

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Resetting your ASMI Password

If you lose your ASMI admin password, a one time celogin password can be provided to you by support. In this video we show how to use that celogin password to reset your HMC access password.

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Installing HMC Certificates

The order in which you install a group of signed certificates onto your HMC is important. In this video Kurt Schroeder shows how to properly install a CA, intermediate, and root certificate onto your…

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Leveraging FLRT I/O Adapter Reports

In this video, HMC product engineer Karyn Corneli shows how to simplify I/O adapter microcode.administrative tasks by using the FLRT website. You may access the FLRT Website here:…

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