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Watson Code Assistant product demonstration

Code with confidence using natural language inputs with IBM Watson Code Assistant.

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DevOps Pipeline with Code Coverage

This video illustrates configuring a DevOps pipeline to capture Code Coverage information for automated zUnit tests. The outputs of the Code Coverage tooling are also discussed. The concepts are…

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Performing a System Firmware Update from the HMC

This video demonstrates how to perform an update of a managed system's firmware from the HMC.

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Firmware update via eBMC ASMI menu

This video shows how to perform a firmware update directly from the eBMC's ASMI menu.

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TPF Toolkit: Run C/C++ Code Analysis

This video demonstrates how to use the Run C/C++ Code Analysis option on TPF Projects in TPF Toolkit 4.6. To access documentation for the TPF Toolkit product, please visit our Knowledge Center.

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IBM Developer for z/OS; Code Coverage

IBM z/OS Debugger offers code coverage for z/OS applications written in COBOL, PL/I, C/C++ and Assembler. This video provides an overview of code coverage and reviews how to run code coverage from…

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IBM Wazi; Running COBOL DBB Build Sessions with your VSI using IBM Wazi and VS Code

This video demonstrates how to use IBM Z Open Editor with scripts to utilize technology such as Ansible and Groovy to build and run within the editor.

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IBM Wazi as a Service; Managing an IBM Cloud Account

This video demonstrates how to manage an IBM Cloud account including creating access groups. This demonstration is based on the 2-14-22 Statement of Direction and is subject to change.

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TrashTag : lauréate de Call for Code 2021 consacré au développement durable

TrashTag gagne le challenge mondial Universités avec une idée innovante : de la Blockchain, de l’IA et du Cloud pour dépolluer notre planète !

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This is the Call for Code in 2021

We are all connected. To the planet. To each other. Call for Code is now a global movement implementing the best ideas from 500,000 problem solvers. Whether you're technologists, designers,…

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Introduction to Code Coverage

This short video contains an introduction to IBM's Code Coverage product, a tool to report which statements have been run in your program.

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Cloud without Compromise -- SiB Solutions and IBM Cloud Code Engine

Sverrir Valgeirsson, CTO from SiB Solutions is interviewed by Briana Frank on developer productivity using IBM Cloud Code Engine. Jenny Lanier, IBM, demos Code Engine. Learn more:

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MavenBlue Services and Use Case Challenges

MavenBlue is delivering Software as a Service to European financial institutions to perform massive amounts of calculations for scenario projections (balance management, investment decisions,…

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How SiB Solutions is Using Code Engine

Learn how SiB Solutions, a logtech company, leverages IBM Cloud Code Engine to enable flawless logistics to their customers. They offer subscription-based intelligent video services with artificial…

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How did IBM build Code Engine?

Learn how IBM built Code Engine using a set of open source technologies such as Knative, Istio, Tekton, Paketo Buildpacks, and Shipwright so developers can run container images, source code, batch…

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Code Engine support different developers

Code Engine is designed for developers regardless of where they are coming from. Whether they have expert Kubernetes background or are used to a simplified experience as a PaaS developer, IBM Cloud…

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