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Oracle: Unpacked, Podcast #2: Oracle IBM Relationship

Welcome to the second of our Oracle products on IBM Systems, Unpacked podcast series. We will cover topics based on questions we have received over the years through our IBM Oracle International…

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IBM VM Recovery Manager – A Short Story

Planned and Unplanned Disaster Recovery Operations on Power Systems have never been easier when using the IBM VM Recovery Manager (VMR) for DR solution. The VMR offering can also help facilitate…

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Oracle: Unpacked, Podcast #1: Oracle Certification

Welcome to the Oracle products on IBM Systems, Unpacked podcast series. This series will focus on addressing some of the most commonly asked questions we receive. Topics covered will be based on…

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IBM Power Systems와 함께 하는 클라우드 2번째 이야기 - IBM IBM Power Systems 프라이빗 클라우드 솔루션

펌웨어 기반 가상화 하이퍼바이저 PowerVM와 엔터프라이즈 워크로드를 위한 클라우드 관리 솔루션 PowerVC, IBM 파워 프라이빗 클라우드 도입 사례까지 알아보세요.

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