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zCX for OpenShift Overview

A brief technical overview of zCX Foundation for Red Hat OpenShift, this video shows how you can deploy containerized Linux-on-Z applications in a Red Hat OpenShift cluster inside a z/OS system to…

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zOS Academy - What's new in zOS Container Extensions (IBM zCX)

In this session, we will discuss latest new features of IBM z/OS Container Extensions (IBM zCX) and how you can leverage Linux on Z software to build a hybrid workload with your existing native z/OS…

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zCX overview

This overview of z/OS Container Extensions (zCX) describes how you can use zCX to run Linux applications directly on z/OS, and shows some common use cases. Learn more here:…

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Provisioning a zCX Appliance

This how-to demonstration shows the steps for provisioning and activating a zCX appliance.

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Sogei Client Spotlight - zCX: A client Xperience – Rinnova il tuo mainframe con i container! (Italian)

La scorsa primavera, Sogei, ha avuto l’opportunità di fare una POC con i laboratori IBM di Montpellier per testare la tecnologia zCX. Questa POC ha permesso di esplorare i…

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z/OS Container Extensions - Overview and Planning

High-level insights on resource planning for a z/OS Container Extensions (zCX) appliance to help establish consistency with current z/OS workload process. Persona that will benefit from this…

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z/OS Container Extensions – Provisioning with z/OSMF Workflows

This video will demonstrate how easy it is to provision one or more zCX appliances. Creating transparency for application developers self-service consumption. It will also establish an expectation…

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z/OS Container Extensions – Docker Image Development

This video will demonstrate how image development can be self-contained with a z/OS Container Extensions appliance. Persona that will benefit from this video includes application developers and…

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z/OS Container Extensions – JupyterHub Use Case Demo

This video will demonstrate an IBM z/OS Container Extensions use case using the simplification of a JupyterHub environment and its interactions with remote kernels from Jupyter Kernel Gateway or…

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