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How G2SF Keeps Government Endpoints Safe with AI-Infused UEM

Sean Fromm of G2SF details how AI and cognitive technology have improved his team’s ability to deliver an exceptionally secure experience for government clients supporting a wide range of…

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The Heart of Digital Transformation: Master Data Management webinar

Learn more on how organizations are leveraging master data management solutions to foster & deliver trusted data to their line of business.

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Delivering Trusted Data for a 360-Degree View: New Strategies for Governance and Master Data Management

Learn how to improve your strategy for delivering trusted, secure, and well-governed data to meet the demands of self-service analytics.

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Masterdaten-Management – Probleme vermeiden

Sie lernen die häufigsten Probleme bei Projekten im Zusammenhang mit dem Masterdaten-Management (MDM) kennen und erfahren, wie Sie diese vermeiden können.

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Analyst Andy Hayler's spin on MDM: Insights into Master Data Management trends for your Business With multiple sources of competing data within a business, how do you know which data set is correct? Shaky data leads to shaky business…

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Introducing IBM MDM Express for automated data matching Introducing IBM Master Data Management (MDM) Express to automate data matching and help you kick off your marketing initiatives faster. Why spend hours collecting and matching…

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MDM helps assess potential danger in child poisoning cases In the United States, a young child ingests a personal care product every 3.5 minutes. The key to assessing the potential danger by poison control centre is fast, accurate and…

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Three Things about Master Data Management

Your data might not be delivering results, if you don't have a cohesive data management strategy in place.

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MDM CE, roadmap & Strategy Webcast

Watch this webcast to learn more about MDM CE's strategy & roadmap.

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Create a New MDM Development Project

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MDM Collaborative Edition Product Review & Demo web seminar

MDM Collaborative Edition Product Review & Demo

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