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A diferença do armazenamento Flash

Descubra como as últimas melhorias no portfólio de armazenamento Flash podem transformar o seu negócio. Para saber mais, visite…

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Research shows that more and more companies are thinking over their storage strategies – It’s time to discover All Flash!

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IBM All-Flash Storage: Performance, Agilidad y Eficiencia

Webinar: Aprenda más sobre las ventajas del almacenamiento en matrices con tecnología All-Flash.

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Accelerate healthcare workloads and improve your service quality and customer satisfaction

Learn how Flash Storage helps doctors make faster and accurate clinical decisions for high quality patient care.

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How to leverage Flash to its strengths for financial workloads?

This webcast discusses the fundamentals of flash and some of the use cases in financial sector to drive business improvements.

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The reason why Flash storage is key to your business growth.

IBM FlashSystem can help your business save: 12x faster business analytics performance, 98 percent reduction in footprint and more.

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Balance performance and cost, while satisfying retention requirements - Flash plus Tape

For many organizations, the cost of storage is a top barrier to gathering and using data. By using tape to store cold data, companies can save enough on infrastructure costs to fund flash, while…

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Storage innovation transforms Royal Caribbean Ltd.

To deliver the WOW experience, Royal Caribbean Ltd. relies on IBM Storage solutions to extract actionable insights, run business critical applications, and ease the management of their data center.…

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Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. speeds ahead with IBM FlashSystem

To deliver a targeted cruise experience to each of its 5 million guests, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. selected IBM FlashSystem™ to get information faster and serve customers better. Learn more…

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Data economics for better cruise experiences

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. leveraged IBM Storage Solutions to transform their data economics and improve their customer experience. Learn more at To learn more about the…

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Pulsant builds hybrid cloud services with IBM Storage solutions

Pulsant's deployment of IBM Storage solutions delivers increased performance, decreased capital and operating costs, and streamlined infrastructure management (allowing more time to focus on…

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