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Inauguration of Co-Innovation Center IBM Paris-Saclay

Inaugurated on 17/12/2021 by Cédric 0, Secretary of State for Digital Transition, Béatrice Kosowski, GM France, and Harley Davis, France Lab Director.

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IBM Systems Lab Services celebrates International Womens Day 2022 #BreakTheBias

IBM Systems Lab Services team members from around the global share their commitments to #BreakTheBias for International Women's Day 2022.

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IBM i Security Quick Check

Join IBM Systems Lab Services security expert Robert Andrews as he discusses IBM's new, complimentary IBM i Security Quick Check offer. To get your no cost security check, contact your trusted…

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IBM CPT MCM tool can optimize your Shared Utility Capacity using PEP 2.0 for the best price point

IBM Systems Lab Services expert Bob Foster shares this video from the June 2021 Power Virtual Users Group (VUG) where Michael Quaranta from IBM explains how customer utilization data can be analyzed…

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IBM Shared Utility Capacity with PEP 2.0 - how it works and how it can be optimized

IBM Systems Lab Services expert Bob Foster shares this video from the June 2021 Power Virtual Users Group (VUG) where Michael Quaranta from IBM explains what Shared Utility Capacity with PEP 2.0 is…

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IBM Cloud for Education Applications Lab Demo

This demonstration shows how an education institution can provision and use the Applications Lab. You will learn how an Administrator/Instructor provisions the environment and how a student can…

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AI for Digital Automation - témoignages de STET et d'IBM

AI for Digital Automation : l'IA au coeur des processus métier pour améliorer la performance opérationnelle des entreprises. Témoignages de Stet et d'IBM.

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A Day in the life of an Epic Database on an IBM Power 9 with AIX and FlashSystem 9250

In this demo, we will show GenIO generating live IO using an AIX Power Server in the ATG Lab, and it will be using 2x FlashSystem 9200’s, that are Hyperswapped together, to show High…

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The IBM Lab Services and IBM Garage teams honor International Womens Day 2021

IBM Lab Services and IBM Garage team members from around the world and across job levels are passionate about women's equality, especially at IBM. In this short video, team members share their…

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Tutorial_ IBM Cloud Private Application Modernization with Transformation Advisor on Power Systems

IBM Systems Lab Services Power Consultant Prakash Rajendran shares this tutorial on IBM Cloud Private (ICP), with a quick introduction to ICP and an in depth look at two no-charge tools IBM…

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Tutorial_ Spectrum Scale Transparent Cloud Tiering archiving to IBM Object Storage

Learn more about transparent cloud tiering from Tom Chandler, IT consulting specialist with IBM Middle East and Africa Systems Lab Services as he walks you through this process. Why would someone be…

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GPFS disk replacement procedure | IBM Elastic Storage Server | Model 5146-GLx

Curious about how to replace a failed disk in the IBM Elastic Storage Server (Model 5146-GLx series)? In this video, we'll do four things: 1. Review a working disk environment with three CLI…

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Demo_ PowerDraw - Graphical View of Power Systems

Turgut Genc, Senior IT Consultant in IBM Systems Lab Services in the UK, explains PowerDraw, a tool providing a graphical view of your Power Systems. If you're unable to visualize your managed…

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Why is the mainframe cool? By IBM graduates in South Africa

Watch recent grads at IBM TechU in Johannesburg explain why IBM Z is cool. Featuring Bulelwa Mtati - IBM South Africa zUniversity City Leader, Phila Dlamini - IBM Africa LinuxONE Cloud- Project…

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Roger Bales shares new services for cloud, encryption and cyber resiliency from IBM Lab Services

IBM Systems Lab Services Business Unit Executive Roger Bales shares new services related to IBM's most recent IBM Z and LinuxONE announcements. The services focus on helping you accelerate in…

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IBM Power Systems Myths_ Migrating to Power from x86 is costly, painful and risky

IBM Lab Services expert Skip Garvin continues a video series dispelling the top IBM Power Systems myths. In this video, he addresses the myth that migrating to Power from x86 is costly, painful and…

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