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IBM FlashSystem 概要

ハイブリッドクラウド向けのストレージがシンプルになりました。 IBM FlashSystemファミリーは、IBM Spectrum Virtualizeを搭載し、要求の厳しいアプリケーションのニーズに対応する単一のデータ・プラットフォームです。AIを搭載したIBM Storage…

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IBM Flash Core Module

Gracias a los discos Flash Core Module se pueden obtener diferentes resultados como: grandes mejoras en durabilidad sin penalización de latencia, fiabilidad de datos excepcional y resistencia…

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Могут ли решения для хранения данных иметь расширенный функционал и доступную цену?

Приглашенный гость: Кирилл Козырев, руководитель направления по продвижению IBM Flashsystems, IBM в России, Центральной Азии и Азербайджане.

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借助 IBM FlashSystem 實現現代化資料保護

傳統的資料恢復解決方案已不足以應對當今日益猖獗的網路威脅。IBM FlashSystem 系列產品、SAN Volume Controller(SVC)和 DS8900 大型主機存儲現已全面支援 Safeguarded Copy(受保護的副本)功能 ——…

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借助 IBM FlashSystem 实现现代数据保护

传统的数据恢复解决方案已不足以应对当今日益猖獗的网络威胁。IBM FlashSystem 系列产品、SAN Volume Controller(SVC)和 DS8900 主机存储现已全面支持 Safeguarded Copy(受保护的副本)功能 ——…

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Каким видят будущее СХД визионеры IBM

Приглашенный гость: Денис Тужилкин, технический эксперт по системам хранения данных, IBM в России и СНГ

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Una nube híbrida simplificada comienza con almacenamiento

Conozca la familia IBM FlashSystem y explore soluciones de almacenamiento flash de clase empresarial desarrolladas para reducir las complejidades de TI con la simplicidad del almacenamiento de datos.

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Uma nuvem híbrida simplificada começa com armazenamento

Conheça a família IBM FlashSystem e explore soluções de armazenamento flash de classe corporativa desenvolvidas para reduzir a complexidade da TI com a simplicidade de…

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History of Tape

Do you know the history of Tape Technology? It is fascinating, give us 4 minutes to listen to a discussion with Carl Reasoner (Tape Solution Specialist,) and Amir Zahoor, (Brand Technical Sales…

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IBM FlashSystem 概述

面向混合云的存储化繁为简。 IBM FlashSystem 系列产品基于 IBM Spectrum Virtualize 构建并由 IBM Storage Insights 管理,其单一平台方法让您能够在整个 IT 基础架构环境中无缝、安全地管理数据。 因此,您可以用更多的时间来完善混合云策略,花更少的时间来解决业务瓶颈。

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FlashSystem Replication to Amazon Web Services (AWS) using OpenShift Container Platform (OCP)

In this Glassboard and Live demo video we will see a high level as well as a deep dive showing how IBM FlashSystem arrays can replicate to Amazon Web Services (AWS) using SV4PC, with OpenShift…

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A Day in the life of an Epic Database on an IBM Power 9 with AIX and FlashSystem 9250

In this demo, we will show GenIO generating live IO using an AIX Power Server in the ATG Lab, and it will be using 2x FlashSystem 9200’s, that are Hyperswapped together, to show High…

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一季度 IBM 存储新品发布:全新 IU 高大容量入门级存储 IBM FlashSystem 5200

2021 年第一季度存储新品发布:一直以“化繁为简”为传承不断升级的存储家族 IBM FlashSystem,面向容器和混合云环境,推出升级版入门级存储 IBM FlashSystem 5015、5035,以及全新 NVMe 入门级存储 IBM FlashSystem 5200,帮助企业从容应对数据量的快速增长和 IT 预算挑战,实现业务敏捷性创新。…

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Flash and Tape - The Dynamic Duo

Placing active data on IBM Flash Systems will accelerate your storage performance while placing inactive data on IBM Tape using IBM Spectrum Archive Enterprise Edition will lower your overall storage…

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Alfredo Micarelli - Carbon Footprint Requirements

We all recognize that IT infrastructure decisions impact space, electrical and cooling budgets but have your clients ever asked about the impact IT has on the environment? This week's expert…

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Louise Hemond-Wilson - Solution Design

Why would somebody care about the human dimension of IT solution design? Solutions that get used and make an impact on a person's life are the ones that get funded. In this video IBM…

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