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Simplify debugging complex problems in your z/OS application with automated testing solutions from IBM

Are you responsible for quality management of z/OS applications? Doing lots of modernizing or building new applications and facing the challenge of debugging problems in complex transactional flows?…

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Discovering the value of shift-left mainframe application integration testing

This video demonstrates how to use IBM Virtual Test Platform to test a Cobol CICS DB2 without middleware or data to enable a developer to test before deployment to a TEST environment.

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IBM Wazi as a Service; Managing an IBM Cloud Account

This video demonstrates how to manage an IBM Cloud account including creating access groups. This demonstration is based on the 2-14-22 Statement of Direction and is subject to change.

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Updating an IBM VTP Recording in a CICS Environment

Virtual Test Platform (VTP) allows developers to integrate additional playback data into their test case scenarios without recapturing CICS transaction executions. With this feature, the playback…

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Using IBM Virtual Test Platform for Integration Testing in a CICS Environment

Virtual Test Platform (VTP) provides the capability to record CICS transaction executions and replay them in isolation using stubbing techniques. This video showcases the recording process for CICS…

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IBM Virtual Test Platform (VTP); Configuring VTP on z/OS

To configure Virtual Test Platform (VTP) on z/OS, some mandatory tasks must be performed to ensure the correct execution of testcases. This video highlights the main steps of the configuration…

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IBM Virtual Test Platform; Using the Host Configuration Assistant

The Host Configuration Assistant (HCA) is designed to help z/OS system programmers configure their z/OS environments when installing IBM DevOps solutions. After selecting the products they would like…

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