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Simplify debugging complex problems in your z/OS application with automated testing solutions from IBM

Are you responsible for quality management of z/OS applications? Doing lots of modernizing or building new applications and facing the challenge of debugging problems in complex transactional flows?…

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Discovering the value of Cloud Native development for z/OS applications

This video demonstrates how to use components of IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Stack, IBM Dependency Based Build, IBM z/OS Debugger and Git Lab CI to perform cloud native development for z/OS…

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IBM Developer for z/OS; Code Coverage

IBM z/OS Debugger offers code coverage for z/OS applications written in COBOL, PL/I, C/C++ and Assembler. This video provides an overview of code coverage and reviews how to run code coverage from…

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Migrating SCLM Projects to Git Repositories (2019 Webinar)

Learn from the experts on how to easily migrate from Software Configuration and Library Manager (SCLM) to Git on IBM Z. The SCLM product offering is IBM’s ISPF-based SCM component that runs on…

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IBM Z DevOps Village; Session Seven Testing, Part 2

In this session we welcome Shabbir Moledina, Dennis Behm, and David Rice. Shabbir Moledina is the manager of the IBM Z DevOps Acceleration Team and has been with IBM for 15 years. Dennis Behm is an…

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Git Branching Models for Mainframe Development Workflows

This video is a discussion between two experts in DevOps on the Mainframe on the topic of git branching strategies. Due to the complexities of development on the mainframe, there may be different…

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Debug your Golang Programs with IBM z/OS Debugger

IBM z/OS Debugger now supports debugging Go programs on z/OS compiled with IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go as part of our strategy to support compiled languages on Z. This video provides an overview…

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Remote Command Execution from IBM i to Microsoft Windows Open SSHD - Part 5: Debugging the Microsoft SSHD Daemon

This video demonstrates how to debug the common issues you might experience with Microsoft SSHD.

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TPF Toolkit: Dump File View

This video demonstrates how to use the Dump File View in TPF Toolkit 4.6. To access documentation for the TPF Toolkit product, please visit IBM Documentation.

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TPF Toolkit: ECB View

This video demonstrates how to use the ECB View in TPF Toolkit 4.6. To access documentation for the TPF Toolkit product, please visit IBM Documentation.

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Automate Your Z DevOps CI/CD Pipeline with GitLab

When it comes to continuous integration (CI), orchestrators play a critical role in executing pipelines, managing various tasks that must be performed to build applications. Among the popular DevOps…

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Open Tool Chains With Cloud Native Development; Mainframe Development Conference Panel Discussion

Cloud native development is the new frontier in modern Z development. Leveraging open source with best of breed mainframe development tools empowers developers with a cloud native developer…

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The Value of DevOps Transformation in the Digital Enterprise; IBM Z and Lloyd’s Banking Group

DevOps transformations are never exactly alike, but there are some similar experiences from which we can all take away best practices as they might apply to our organization. Join us as Rosalind…

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Powering a Customer-centric Strategy with Faster, Higher-quality Application Development

The world is changing fast, and banks are under pressure to adapt quickly to retain their customers. Swedbank unlocked new agility by deploying IBM® Application Discovery and Delivery…

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True Shift Left Testing for your z/OS Applications

Testing is a key part of any DevOps transformation. In this session, Nathan Cassata focuses on how to apply shift left testing to your traditional z/OS applications. He demonstrates step by step how…

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z/OS Unit Testing; Creating a ZUnit Test Case on a Sub Program

This brief video demonstrates how easy it is to create a ZUnit test case on a batch sub program using the Dynamic Test Runner. The Dynamic Test Runner data collection process can intercept calls…

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