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Deep Dive Apache Spark

Do you have a big data problem? Too much data to process or queries that are too costly to run in a reasonable amount of time? Spare your wallet and stress levels! David Adeyemi introduces Apache…

From  chq_master_librarians Fit-for-purpose query engines

See how you can drive analytics costs down with cost-efficient compute and storage and fit-for-purpose analytics engines — Presto, Spark, Db2, Netezza — that dynamically scale up and…

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Journey to Open Data Analytics on IBM Z and LinuxONE

By charting your journey to open data analytics, you can derive new insights and advantages from each transaction. Accelerators of this journey are IBM Z Platform for Apache Spark, Python AI Toolkit…

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Analyze precipitation data using a sample notebook in a project: Cloud Pak for Data as a Service

This video showcases a sample notebook that analyzes annual precipitation data from the UNdata portal in a Jupyter notebook in a Watson Studio project.

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