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Explore the benefits of a universal query engine in IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Watch the demo to learn how AutoSQL in IBM Cloud Pak for Data provides a universal query engine to help you automate how you access, update and unify data spread across distributed stores and clouds,…

From  CorpMkt-EiC-JY on August 3rd, 2021

The Elements of AI: Data privacy on IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service in 15 seconds

Keep client trust with data privacy capabilities on IBM Cloud Pak for Data, including de-identification, data masking, and policy enforcement. Learn more at:…

From  CorpMkt-EiC-JY on July 8th, 2021

New data exploration capabilities with IBM Spectrum Discover Version 01212021

Join us for an update on the latest release of IBM Spectrum Discover - version 2.0.4. We'll look at the all-new user interface, highlighting overall look and feel as well as new…

From  2700070HPT 2700070HPT on January 21st, 2021

IBM Chat with Support for IBM i Products

IBM Chat with Support is a new way that Systems Support is using our Watson technology to help customers solve their issues with IBM i, IBM i on Cloud, WebSphere Application Server for IBM i, and DB2…

From  2000002DE7 2000002DE7 on August 7th, 2020

Graph Database Analytics with IBM Db2

Dive deeper into what AI-features power IBM Db2 See how graph database analytics in Db2 eliminates ETL, surfaces relationships between disparate data points, speeds queries,…

From  CorpMkt-EiC-JY on August 6th, 2020

Boosting query speeds with a simple upgrade to Netezza Performance Server on IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Dana Rafiee explains why Destiny Corporation, a consulting company, is excited about the new Netezza Performance Server's ability to help clients query data faster with a simple upgrade. He also…

From  CorpMkt-EiC-JY on August 6th, 2020

Machine learning confidence-based query matching with IBM Db2

See how machine learning is able to improve query results and accuracy, even when data resides outside of initial search parameters.Dive deeper into what AI-features power IBM Db2:…

From  CorpMkt-EiC-JY on February 28th, 2020

Machine learning (ML) SQL optimization with IBM Db2

See how machine learning is optimizing database queries to deliver highly accurate results up to 10X faster than traditional query performance and feedback loop to keep learning.Dive deeper into…

From  CorpMkt-EiC-JY on February 24th, 2020

Query Analytics Exchange Data with Hive in BigInsights on Cloud

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