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Japan Airlines onboards AI to change the customer travel experience

Japan Airlines has embarked on a mission to set a new standard for customer service: personalized travel recommendations based on customer information provided to the airline. The airline decided to…

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A Strange Exchange- The Restaurateur and the Airline Executive

Question: What do a restaurant owner and an airline executive have in common? Answer: Customer satisfaction.

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: Mobilizing asset management to improve efficiency

Airport customers are demanding more flexibility, service and comfort. Achieving less delays can be attained with corrective and predictive maintenance, using Watson IoT, to identify and service…

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Greater Toronto Airport Authority manages assets with the help of IBM solutions

Greater Toronto Airport Authority uses predictive maintenance solutions from IBM to efficiently maintain its assets. "Our technicians love what they do, and they love seeing what they can do…

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Storage innovation transforms Royal Caribbean Ltd.

To deliver the WOW experience, Royal Caribbean Ltd. relies on IBM Storage solutions to extract actionable insights, run business critical applications, and ease the management of their data center.…

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Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. speeds ahead with IBM FlashSystem

To deliver a targeted cruise experience to each of its 5 million guests, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. selected IBM FlashSystem™ to get information faster and serve customers better. Learn more…

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TAV Airports digitalizes its processes using collaboration solutions from IBM

TAV Airports uses IBM collaboration solutions to help employees collaborate with each other and bring together the intellectual and social assets of its company to enhance its company culture. Read…

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The Cognitive connection of Constance Hotels

Constance hotels helps employees collaborate and innovate by using Cognitive solutions from IBM. Read more: Stay in Touch: •IBM Client References:…

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Wayblazer revolutionizes the online travel industry using Cognitive solutions

Wayblazer uses Cognitive solutions from IBM to gather travel data from various online sources based on the travel needs of the customer to help them make informed decisions. Read more:…

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