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에지 컴퓨팅의 미래: 은행 및 금융산업

IBM 펠로우이자 CTO인 IBM 에지 컴퓨팅 부사장 Rob High와 IBM Edge Computing 글로벌 서비스 리더 Valerie Clark와의 대화를 통해 에지 컴퓨팅이 은행 및 금융산업에서 어떻게 적용 가능한지 알아보시기 바랍니다.

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에지 컴퓨팅의 미래: 통신산업

IBM 에지 컴퓨팅은 에지 장치, 서버 및 게이트웨이에서 데이터가 생성되는 위치에 더 가깝게 엔터프라이즈 비즈니스 논리 및 AI 애플리케이션을 배치하여 복원력과 보안을 통해 실시간으로 비즈니스 결과를 개선하도록 설계된 지능적이고 안전하며 유연한 플랫폼입니다. 자세히보기 :…

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에지 컴퓨팅의 미래: 소매산업

IBM 펠로우이자 CTO인 IBM 에지 컴퓨팅 부사장 Rob High와 5G/Edge의 파트너인 Luca Marchi의 대담을 통해, 새로운 에지 컴퓨팅 세계와 에지 컴퓨팅의 소매산업 적용 시나리오를 알아봅니다.자세히 보기

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IBM Edge Application Manager 소개

IBM Edge Application Manager 자율화 관리를 통해 단일 관리자가 어떻게 수천 개의 에지 엔드포인트를 관리할 수 있는지 확인하시기 바랍니다. 자세히 보기 :

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The New IBM Cognos Analytics Mobile App

With the release of IBM Cognos 11.1.7, users now have the ability to access dashboards and receive alerts on data right from their mobile phones. The new mobile app delivers a new way to view your…

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TBCASoft creates a new paradigm of trust across telco and financial services markets

Globally, 1.5 million people have no access to a bank account, but most have access to a mobile phone. TBCASoft is changing this paradigm by helping launch a cross-carrier blockchain network that…

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具备 AI 和 AR 功能的基于头像的动态移动聊天机器人

参考资源:构建一个具备 AI 和 AR 功能的基于头像的动态移动聊天机器人 本视频演示了如何构建一个基于头像的动态实时聊天机器人,这是一个具有 AI 和 AR 功能的 Android 移动应用程序。此移动应用通过 IBM Cloud Functions 中的 webhook,使用 Watson Assistant 中的 API 动态访存信息。

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参考资源:为家具店构建一个具备增强现实(AR)功能的“先试后买”移动应用程序 本视频演示如何在 IBM Mobile Foundation 上开发集成了增强现实(AR)功能的 Android 移动应用程序。这款支持 AR 的移动应用程序让用户能够实时选择家具并将其摆放在所需位置。

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Error proof your manufacturing process and stop defects at the point of installation

Manufacturers need an easier way to reduce manufacturing errors. Maximo Visual Inspection Mobile can perform error proofing across the entire manufacturing process and helps stop defects at the…

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IBM Cloud 企业移动应用服务 - 多元体验应用服务

参考资源:构建重视多元体验和安全性的企业移动应用 了解如何使用 IBM Cloud 移动应用服务来构建企业移动应用,这些服务可以提供多元体验和安全功能,远远超出了原生 Apple XCode 或 Android Studio 工具包中的功能。

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Anyline teaches smartphones to read using IBM Cloud and Watson

Everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, but Anyline wanted to make them even smarter. Specifically, it wanted to bridge the gap between error-prone manual character entry and still inaccurate…

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2 dakikada IBM Edge Computing

IBM Edge Computing, en geniş ve en kapsamlı genel, özel, hibrit bulut portföylerini, gelişmiş teknolojileri ve endüstri uzmanlığını verilerinizin kaynağına sorunsuz olarak …

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UX Redux: Forrester and IBM on how the end user redefined UEM

MDM, EMM and UEM are all mature, time tested tools and methodologies to manage and secure devices. But many implementations are too device-centric and not sufficiently oriented around with human…

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La solution IBM Edge Computing en 2 minutes

La solution IBM Edge Computing étend, en toute transparence, à vos sources de données, le portefeuille d'offres de Cloud hybride, privé et public, les technologies…

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IBM Edge Computing en 2 minutos

IBM Edge Computing extiende los conocimientos especializados más amplios y profundos de la industria, las tecnologías avanzadas y la cartera de la nube pública,…

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IBM Cognos Analytics helps North York General Hospital understand community needs

Responding to pressure in the healthcare system to create local communities of care, North York General Hospital (NYGH) in Toronto is working with partners across primary care, long-term care, home…

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