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SimCorp + IBM: Cómo SimCorp e IBM han transformado una aplicación fintech crítica en un servicio

El producto de software insignia de SimCorp, SimCorp Dimension, da soporte a empresas de inversión de todo el mundo. Impulsados por la idea de prestar servicios integrales a…

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SimCorp und IBM: Wie SimCorp und IBM eine kritische Finanztechnologie-Anwendung von einem Produkt hin zu einem Service entwickelten

SimCorp Dimension, das Flaggschiff unter den SimCorp-Softwareprodukten, unterstützt Investmentgesellschaften auf der ganzen Welt. Begeistert von der Idee, einem noch breiteren…

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SimCorp + IBM : Comment SimCorp et IBM ont transformé une application fintech cruciale de produit en service

Le produit phare de SimCorp, SimCorp Dimension, est utilisé par les sociétés d’investissement du monde entier. Désireux d’offrir des services de bout en bout…

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Thought Machine partners with IBM to unleash the power of data for banks

The core banking systems in today’s banks were deployed decades ago, massively restricting their ability to manage and gain value from their data and stifling their ability to innovate. The…

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Applying blockchain to customs declarations

Keeping your own customs records – shipper, export broker, transportation, import customs or auditor – can be inefficient, expensive and increase vulnerability. Learn more at:…

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Mbanq embraces IBM Blockchain World Wire to transform cross-border payments and settlements

Mbanq, a digital banking SaaS platform provider, integrates IBM Blockchain Word Wire into its core. This helps banks, along with credit unions, remittance agencies, money changers and other financial…

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CBI Globe expands the integration and efficiency of Italy’s payments market

Consorzio CBI partners with IBM to create the CBI API implementation guidelines, compliant with the PSD2, fundamental to develop the CBI Global Open Banking Ecosystem, or CBI Globe, a gateway to open…

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Develop at the speed of hybrid cloud

For more information, visit IBM z Systems on the web at: Everyone knows the car buying experience can be a nuisance – and despite the number of “digital”…

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Diamonds are forever with a secure blockchain - The Everledger story

For more information on blockchain security best practices, download this white paper: Leanne Kemp, founder and…

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Ginni Rometty Keynote - FinTech Innovation Festival

Ginni keynotes the FIF

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