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Intelligent Defense Operations Solution for SAP Defense

Uses machine learning, natural language processing and other facets of AI to deliver advanced predictive maintenance capabilities for high value assets .

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Paul MacPherson – power your decision advantage

a broad range of dynamic partnerships, groundbreaking research and delivered by IBM's who care about you and your business. I commit to our enduring support to the armed forces community, as we…

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Bell Textron: Adopting predictive maintenance for military and commercial rotorcraft

Bell Textron Inc.—a storied innovator in helicopters and a pioneer in tiltrotor, vertical lift aircraft for both military and commercial use—works with IBM to apply AI in its aircraft…

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Jane’s: Transforming intelligence and decision support using AI

Jane's uses IBM Watson Explorer AI to ingest massive amounts of data and analyze it in a fraction of the time that any human researcher could. This helped produce improved and accurate reports…

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Danish Defence gains military precision with IBM Power Systems and IBM Storage

An army marches on its stomach, but it wouldn’t get far without other essential supplies. To help ensure that military operations run smoothly, the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics…

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(78-145) On Guard! The Story of SAGE (1957)

This video discusses the SAGE project and how it would help protect against an air attack. Includes film on the display scope of the SAGE system and also the airborne computer used in the bombing…

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