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IBM Cloud Pak for Data - Intro to Data Virtualization

This video introduces you to the data virtualization capabilities with IBM Cloud Pak for Data. You will learn the answers to why data virtualization is needed; what a typical data lake architecture…

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Storage and Dinner made simple

Talk on “Spectrum virtualize and Forrester Total economic impact of Spectrum Virtualize followed by a culinary experience

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오픈 하이브리드 클라우드 플랫폼 선정을 위한 고려사항

RedHat Openshift 및 Openshift Virtualization이 시스템관리자와 개발자의 업무를 어떻게 개선하는지에 대해 소개하며 나아가 멀티클러스터 통합 관리를 위한 Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management에 대해 안내합니다.

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Data Virtualization with IBM Db2 on Cloud Pak for Data

Dive deeper into what AI-features power IBM Db2 with our: Db2 on Cloud Pak for Data White Paper Data Virtualization Webinar See how data virtualization is connecting disparate data sources in near…

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IBM Cloud Pak for Data in two (2) minutes

IBM Cloud Pak for Data is an enterprise-ready data and AI platform that allows you to collect, organize and analyze data, and infuse AI throughout your business. Learn the benefits of a platform that…

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Connect Db2 z/OS to the cloud with IBM Data Gate

Discover how Db2 Data Gate supports modern high-volume, high frequency read-only type applications and simplifies delivery of Db2 for z/OS data within IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

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Data Virtualization: La integración de sus datos de una manera más simple.

Data Virtualization hace que las consultas en múltiples fuentes de datos sean rápidas y fáciles sin mover sus datos. IBM Cloud Private for Data ofrece todos los beneficios de la…

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Virtualization Explained

Learn more about IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions: Find out how to modernize and migrate your VM workloads: Although…

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Intro to IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

In this video, Simon J Kofkin-Hansen with IBM Cloud provides an overview of IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions and explains how these solutions provide a highly secure and enterprise grade cloud that…

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Webcast: 5 trends shaping the future of enterprise computing

According to Forrester research, 95 percent of purchase influencers responsible for desktop outsourcing think employee experience is just as important as saving costs. Join us for a virtual…

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IBM Workplace Virtualization Services overview | IBM

Learn how IBM simplifies the management, maintenance and support of end-user devices (including BYOD) and IT infrastructure. …

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A leading European bank eliminates external connection costs via service virtualization

A leading financial services group in Europe avoids millions in external connections costs by using IBM Rational Test Virtualization Server software to create virtual test environments. Read more:…

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A leading European bank boosts development speed and quality using service virtualization

A large bank in Europe uses IBM Rational Test Virtualization Server to improve performance testing and accelerate sprint cycles and application development. Read more:…

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Meet the Growing Storage Demands of Virtualization and Big Data Analytics

There’s a tremendous volume of data streaming into today’s business environments. Virtualization and big data analytics are enabling organizations to benefit from this data. But with…

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