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Storage made simple for all

See how the new IBM FlashSystem 5200 brings NVMe-accelerated storage performance and new levels of cost-efficiency to smaller deployments in enterprises of all sizes.

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Make the most of your data with faster, cloud-ready, affordable storage from IBM!

Video explaining the benefits of IBM FlashSystem storage solutions.

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一季度 IBM 存储新品发布:全新 IU 高大容量入门级存储 IBM FlashSystem 5200

2021 年第一季度存储新品发布:一直以“化繁为简”为传承不断升级的存储家族 IBM FlashSystem,面向容器和混合云环境,推出升级版入门级存储 IBM FlashSystem 5015、5035,以及全新 NVMe 入门级存储 IBM FlashSystem 5200,帮助企业从容应对数据量的快速增长和 IT 预算挑战,实现业务敏捷性创新。…

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