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Pedernales Electric Co-op creates member savings using IBM Vegetation Management

Trees and power lines don’t mix. Despite spending almost USD 10 million annually, Texas utility Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC) could sometimes miss overgrowth or unnecessarily trim…

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Establishing a vision for the production line with Sensors and AI

Flex uses sensors to gather machine data from its production lines and leverages the cognitive solutions from IBM, to monitor the condition of its production lines and ensure the quality in its…

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Modify Visualization Legend Grid Labels and Bar Line Components

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08 lines upload edit existing contracts C.mp4

This video teaches to use the Bulk Load Utilities to edit existing ECM contracts. Both Lines and Parties can be edited in this way.

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07 Contracts Lines Upload C.mp4

This video teaches to upload the contracts.xls and lines.xls files simultaneously. Download files available in the Channel description.

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This video teaches to add lines to a previously created lines template via the Lines Tab in the Contract Editor.

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