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Assess your cloud readiness now in 10 min. as recommended by Dipa Velagapudy, Head of Multi Cloud Services, IBM Nordic

Complete the assessment and you will receive an analyses survey stating your score and suggested next steps in your Journey to Cloud.

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Vidéo : Parcours vers la stratégie infonuagique

Vidéo montrant comment l'expertise, la technologie et les méthodes d'IBM Garage et de l'outil Cloud Advisory peuvent simplifier le parcours d'un client vers…

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Journey to Cloud Strategy (Demo virtual de Cloud Advisory Tool) - LA - CO-ES

Simplifique su camino hacia la nube identificando las áreas de valor, justificando el costo de migración, entendiendo las implicaciones de seguridad y más.

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Total economic impact of optimizing and managing your hybrid multicloud, 2020

Forrester Research surveyed 120 global enterprises on their journey to cloud. Read the report for their best practices for your transformation with cloud.

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Film wideo na temat strategii Journey to Cloud

Film wideo przedstawiający klientom strategię Journey to Cloud, w tym metodykę IBM Garage i program Cloud Advisory Tool.

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클라우드 여정을 위한 전략 수립

IBM Garage 및 클라우드 자문도구(Cloud Advisory Tool)를 통한 클라우드 전환에 대해 설명합니다.

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Journey to Cloud Strategy_GCG_traditional Chinese

Explanatory video for clients on Journey to Cloud, featuring IBM Garage and Cloud Advisory Tool.

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Vidéo "Stratégie d’adoption du cloud"

Vidéo explicative destinée aux clients qui adoptent le cloud, présentant IBM Garage et Cloud Advisory Tool.

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Strategie für den Weg in die Cloud – Video

Erläuterndes Video für Kunden auf dem Weg in die Cloud, mit Informationen zur IBM Garage und dem Cloud Advisory Tool.

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Video sul percorso verso una strategia Cloud

Video che seguono il percorso di adozione del Cloud, che include IBM Garage e Cloud Advisory Tool.

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Видео о стратегии перехода в облако

Ознакомительное видео об IBM Garage and Cloud Advisory для клиентов, планирующих внедрить облако.

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Vídeo del Viaje hacia una estrategia cloud

Vídeo explicativo para clientes que hayan iniciado un Viaje hacia Cloud, en el que se presenta IBM Garage y la herramienta Cloud Advisory.

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IBM Cloud – The perfect home in the sky (scalability)

We’ll conceptualise moving to the cloud as looking for a new home. People don’t look for a new home often. Buying a new home is a big decision, so you want to make sure you find a home…

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IBM Cloud: La Nube más flexible

A nadie le gusta sentirse atascado o retrasado, especialmente por su nube. Por eso IBM Cloud es diferente. Es la nube pública más flexible y segura para negocios. Puede manejar todas…

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IBM Cloud: A nuvem mais flexível

Ninguém gosta de se sentir parado ou atrasado, especialmente pela sua nuvem. É por isso que o IBM Cloud é diferente. É a nuvem pública mais aberta e segura para…

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Vortex and IBM Cloud

Vortex allows users to play games anywhere in the world on almost any device - smartphone, tablet, or smart TV –via the application, without downloading the game. As the platform has grown…

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