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Assess your cloud readiness now in 10 min. as recommended by Dipa Velagapudy, Head of Multi Cloud Services, IBM Nordic

Complete the assessment and you will receive an analyses survey stating your score and suggested next steps in your Journey to Cloud.

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19 Create Complex Q C.mp4

Create a Complex Question Answer Type, then Employ it in a Question with Scoring.

From  Michael Archdeacon

16 Create an Create an Entity Q C.mp4

Create an Entity Question with Scoring that draws from Master Data Categories.

From  Michael Archdeacon

13 Create an Attachment Q C.mp4

Create an Attachment Question with Scoring that is Dependent on Another Question.

From  Michael Archdeacon

12 Set of Possible w_ Dependency C.mp4

Create a Set of Possible Answers Question with Scoring and with a Question that is Dependent on this Question.

From  Michael Archdeacon

11 Create a Number Q C.mp4

Create a number Question with Rollover and Scoring.

From  Michael Archdeacon

10 Create Character Q C.mp4

Create a Character Question with Scoring.

From  Michael Archdeacon