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Témoignage Banque de France - Thierry Bedoin

Retenue conjointement avec la Bundesbank, pour constituer le centre d’innovation Eurosystème de la Banque des Règlements Internationaux destiné à développer…

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Témoignage AXA - Céline Soubranne

Le monde de l’entreprise emprunte depuis peu le chemin de la transition durable, nécessité induisant de profonds changements de modèles. En la matière, AXA est…

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Think Moscow. Технологический марафон. ООО "А Групп"

Выступление Игнатьева Николая Николаевича, руководителя управления ИТ ООО "А ГРУПП"

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How did IBM build Code Engine?

Learn how IBM built Code Engine using a set of open source technologies such as Knative, Istio, Tekton, Paketo Buildpacks, and Shipwright so developers can run container images, source code, batch…

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Lumen Technologies: low-latency at the edge

Lumen Technologies explains their mission to bring low-latency workflows to the edge with the help of IBM Cloud Satellite. Learn more about IBM Cloud Satellite.

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Developer Diaries: Gaming and the evolution of AI with Otis Smart

Hear from IBM Developer Advocate Otis Smart as he explains how AI has improved the world of gaming and enterprise development throughout the years. To learn more, check out…

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Dé rienda suelta a sus ideas con IBM

Con la aceleración de tecnologías como la inteligencia artificial (IA) y la nube, sus clientes demandan soluciones complejas e integradas. Al mismo tiempo, debe ofrecer valor…

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Liberte as suas ideias com a IBM

Com a aceleração de tecnologias como a inteligência artificial (IA) e a nuvem, seus clientes exigem soluções complexas e integradas. Ao mesmo tempo, você deve…

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CODED BIAS: Live Q&A with Filmmaker & AI experts from IBM

Watch the replay of this special Open P-TECH event and hear from the filmmaker of "CODED BIAS" documentary and artificial intelligence experts from IBM the conversation around AI, ethics,…

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Assess your cloud readiness now in 10 min. as recommended by Dipa Velagapudy, Head of Multi Cloud Services, IBM Nordic

Complete the assessment and you will receive an analyses survey stating your score and suggested next steps in your Journey to Cloud.

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Alfredo Micarelli - Carbon Footprint Requirements

We all recognize that IT infrastructure decisions impact space, electrical and cooling budgets but have your clients ever asked about the impact IT has on the environment? This week's expert…

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Louise Hemond-Wilson - Solution Design

Why would somebody care about the human dimension of IT solution design? Solutions that get used and make an impact on a person's life are the ones that get funded. In this video IBM…

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Susan Proietti Conti - Disaster Recover Center Costs

Deploying a new Disaster Recovery Data Center is a great time to investigate IT optimization opportunities. Enter Susan Proietti-Conti, Executive Project Manager with IBM's IT Economics team.…

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Robert Chesebrough - IBM Visual Insights Social Distancing Alerts

New problems demand new solutions. By now, we have all heard the terms "Social Distancing" and "Flattening the Curve". Learn how Bob Chesebrough, IBM Data Scientist, is applying…

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Srirama Krishnakumar - IT Modernization

Imagine being faced with moving workloads (supported by 50 million lines of Cobol Code) to x86 and Public Cloud. Is there a better path to IT Modernization? Join Srirama Krishnakumar, IBM IT…

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IBM Storage for Containers | Public Cloud Options

Join Tom Bish, IBM Garage for Systems Senior Technical Staff Member, as he introduces Storage Options for Public Cloud Containers, the last video in a four-part series on Storage Options for…

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