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TensorFlow on IBM Integrated Accelerator for AI Video

IBM Telum features a dedicated on-chip AI Accelerator focused on delivering high-speed, real-time inferencing at scale. Learn how you can use this on-chip AI Accelerator with TensorFlow to create…

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Unit 10, Section 3: More Functions that Improve IMS Availability, Part 3

This video describes the use of the IMS Online Image Copy, Concurrent Image Copy, and the Image Copy 2 options.

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z/TPF Internship: Program Management (Part One)

An educational overview of program management for z/TPF.

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Creating and Using Virtual Image Catalogs

This video shows how to create and use Virtual Image Catalogs. Image catalogs are created with the CRTIMGCLG command, and by using the WRKIMGCLG command you can work with your image catalogs, load…

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IBM PowerAI Vision helps to reduce biosecurity threats at the Harry Butler Institute

The Harry Butler Institute, Murdoch University aims to find innovative solutions to biosecurity issues. The institute, named after Australian naturalist Dr Harry Butler, is part of the environmental…

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