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IMS OTMA YTIB Flood Controls

An accumulation of the YTIB OTMA resource can cause an IMS storage exhaustion situation and possible abend 40D in the IMS control region. This video describes how you can configure flood protection…

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IMS OTMA Lightweight Tpipe Support

In IMS V15, the OTMA lightweight transaction pipe (tpipe) enhancement improves the flood control of OTMA transaction pipes by allocating tpipe-related storage on demand and enabling the lightweight…

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IMS OTMA Tpipe Flood Controls

This video describes how OTMA handles transactions between clients and IMS, and then discusses how OTMA protects IMS from runaway resources by using several forms of transaction flood controls.

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IMS RACF ACEE Flood Control Enhancement for OTMA

With a large number of OTMA cached accessor environment elements (ACEEs), the default number of hash table entries is inefficient, causing long searches which increases CPU usage. The potentially…

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Omitting Objects from a BRMS Control Group Backup

This video shows how to omit items from being saved by a BRMS Control Group by creating a new Control Group which replaces the default *ALLUSR entry with a BRMS List. That list saves *ALLUSR but also…

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IBM TS7700 Encryption and Data Protection - 07182023

Listen to this replay and learn about the encryption features of the IBM TS7700. This session will include Internal Disk Encryption, external Disk Encryption, Physical Tape Encryption, Encryption…

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IBM Spectrum Control - MFA Overview

Get a detailed, hands-on walkthrough of how to configure multifactor authentication (MFA) in IBM Spectrum Control 5.4.10 and later. With MFA, security and IBM Spectrum Control administrators can…

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IBM Technology Summit Barcelona: "Almacenamiento en el sector hospitalario. Caso del Hospital Clinic”

En #TechSummitBarcelona Pablo Carrillo, Sales Territory de Logicalis Spain, nos presentó el caso del Hospital Universitari Clínic de Barcelona, que da cobertura a más de…


Unit 4, Section 2: Scheduling Control Blocks in More Detail

To understand how IMS uses both control blocks and pools in the application scheduling process, this videos examine those control blocks and pools. The intent is to allow you as systems programmers…

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Control Tower overview - Supply Chain Intelligence Suite

Learn how the features of Control Tower in the Supply Chain Intelligence Suite can help supply chain practitioners predict, plan for, and respond to the complex supply chain challenges of…

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How To Manage An IBM RPA Bot

Watch this video to learn how the IBM RPA Control Center helps you manage your environment, track metrics, control your bots and users and more.

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Control & Freedom with IBM Cloud Code Engine

Learn how IBM Cloud Code Engine provides SiB Solutions, a logtech start-up, with Control and Freedom to run their containerized workloads. Learn more about IBM Cloud Code Engine.

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Set up your Ansible control node for getting started with Ansible for IBM Z

This video demonstrates how to set up your Red Hat Ansible control node for getting started automating processes for IBM Z with Ansible. The resources mentioned can be found at the following links:…

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z/TPF Internship: System Characteristics

An educational overview of the system characteristics of z/TPF.

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z/TPF Internship: Program Management (Part One)

An educational overview of program management for z/TPF.

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z/TPF Internship: Program Management (Part Two)

An educational overview of program management for z/TPF.

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