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Omitting Objects from a BRMS Control Group Backup

This video shows how to omit items from being saved by a BRMS Control Group by creating a new Control Group which replaces the default *ALLUSR entry with a BRMS List. That list saves *ALLUSR but also…

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Using IBMi to copy data and BRMS to backup data to IBM Spectrum Protect

IBM i can send copies of IFS data and BRMS full and incremental backups to Spectrum Protect via S3. This demo shows how to setup Spectrum Protect and IBM i to work together. IBM i can send data to…

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BRMS Networks Adding IBM i Partitions Part 2 Adding Partitions

The second video in the BRMS Networking series shows how to join two systems to a BRMS network.

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BRMS Networks Adding IBM i Partitions Part 1 System Preparation

In part one of the BRMS Networking video series you will be shown how to prepare systems to use BRMS networking.

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