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Monitor your Z Workloads with AppDynamics using IBM Z APM Connect

In the past, APMs only provided visibility into cloud application data. Z APM Connect integrates with AppDynamics to take a holistic approach to monitoring your Z workloads. In this demonstration,…

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Monitor your Z Workloads with Instana using IBM Z APM Connect

In the past, APMs only provided visibility into cloud application data. Z APM Connect integrates with IBM’s latest APM acquisition, Instana, to take a holistic approach to monitoring your…

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Open source Continuous Integration pipeline for zOS Connect assets

This video shows our modern continuing integration pipeline to manage the zOS connect artifacts and improve developer productivity

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Tech for Good and Closing Remarks

Tune into this session for our closing remarks on our first ever 24 hrs of Master the Mainframe! And the exciting reveal of the session that won the education grant as the most participated MtM…

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Demo: Containerizing IBM Service Management Unite using zCX

Live demo how to deploy and run IBM's modern web dashboard for monitoring and analyzing the performance and availability of your mainframe, IBM Service Management Unite…

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Training the Next Z Generation

As current mainframe systems programmers and application developers retire, companies need to replace them with new talent. These companies are challenged with filling the training gap, left by…

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Meet the Mainframe - Engines

A business-focused architecture, specialty engines, and crypto capabilities to keep it all protected. In this video, learn all about how the mainframe is engineered to get results.

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New to Z Spotlight : Clayton Slaughter

Hear from Clayton, a z/VM and Z Linux System Programmer, about his experience working on IBM Z for the last two years. Learn more about the New to Z community now!

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Friends of IBM Z - Check out Lella's vision for the Student Hub

Lella talks about how hard it is in this "new normal" during the COVID-19 Pandemic - missing school, missing opportunities to grow and learn. She's excited to find the IBM Z Global…

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Anna McKee - Master the Mainframe - New Faces of Z

Anna McKee is the 23-year-old winner of Master the Mainframe in 2017 and 2018. She graduated from the University of North Texas in May 2019 with two degrees, a B.S. in Business Computer…

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Introducing IBM z/VM Extended Address Volumes (EAV) Paging

IBM z/VM introduces new EAV Paging functionality that allows significantly more paging space on your VM system. More information:

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Managing the Health of Your Application with IBM Z APM Connect

Many consumer facing applications still rely on the mainframe as a system of record, but most market-leading APM solutions do not offer visibility once a transaction hits the mainframe. If a…

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Security Intelligence

This video discusses mainframe security controls and enabling mainframe to be part of an enterprise security intelligence strategy For more information, please see the following:Realizing Efficient…

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