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Introducing the Partner Marketing Kits on IBM My Digital Marketing

IBM Business Partners can now plan, execute, and measure effective marketing all in one place, at no cost. Introducing the Partner Marketing Kits on IBM My Digital Marketing. Explore today

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Enablement video for using the IBM LinuxONE My DM campaign

How-to video that helps business partners make the best use of the IBM LinuxONE campaign in prospecting efforts for their LinuxONE based solutions

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Key insights on web optimization

Improve your web pages with these valuable insights from our subject matter experts.

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Search Engine Optimization Essentials

Discover the SEO essentials in about three minutes. If you want to learn more about this topic, check out the IBM Strategic Marketing Path to Growth training, available on IBM Training.…

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2021 Marketing Trends

Check out these essential marketing trends you should absolutely know to be ready for 2021.

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Opentopic invents a Cognitive digital marketing tool for marketers

Opentopic uses cognitive solutions from IBM to create a digital marketing tool that helps marketers engage with their customers real time. Read more: “Watson cognitive…

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