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Data Migration Explained

Data migration is the process of transferring data between one computer storage system to another and is crucial for businesses that need server or storage equipment replacements, maintenance or…

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IBM DataStage Facilitates Enterprise Data Warehouse Offloading

IBM DataStage is helping companies reduce cost and requirement of their Enterprise Data Warehouses by offloading certain data and ETL processing into low-cost Hadoop clusters.

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Enterprise Data Warehouse Offloading Demo with IBM InfoSphere DataStage Building out your data lake? Learn about enterprise data warehouse (EDW) offloading in this informative demo. It will cover the traditional ETL processing when loading an…

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IBM Big SQL Overview

Get started: IBM® Big SQL is a hybrid SQL engine for Hadoop that enables you to easily query big data across the enterprise. You can use a single database connection or query…

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VimpelCom automates service monitoring and delivery with IBM

Utilizing a range of IBM Tivoli performance and service management solutions, VimpelCom streamlines issue identification and resolution as it moves toward proactive and predictive system maintenance.…

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Tata Consultancy cuts data warehouse ops costs by 20% with IBM SmartCloud Analytics

With IBM SmartCloud data analytics solutions, Tata Consultancy Services speeds operations analysis capabilities while reducing data warehousing costs. To explore the robust capabilities of the IBM…

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